Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mellow Bakers in Oktober

There we are with another month of Mellow Bakers Baking. Baking our way through the Jeffrey Hamelton's book "Bread". We're nearing the end slowly but surely. About nine more to go but I'm not sure. This months breads are all delicious and fun to make.

Sunflower seed bread with Pâte Fermentée.
Made a few years back, but still a great bread to bake and eat. We just love bread with lots of seeds.

Sesame Bread Sticks.
Delicious snack, to eat all by itself, or with soup, a glass of wine... anytime really. Fun to make, fun to bake. 

Berne Brot
So delicious this bread, reminds me a lot of challah. Fluffy and light... yummy!
I made two loaves, both with four strands, but with two different braiding techniques (also in the book). The first picture is made with method 2 (page 301) and gives a flatter broader loaf. The two other pictures used method 1 (page 300) and that makes a higher loaf.

Braiding methods
They're not for this month especially but I'm just trying to use all the braiding methods from the book, and here are a few more I make. I did a three braid of course (method 1 and two, makes no difference in looks), the six strands; two ways (p. 304), a tiered braids: double-decker (p.309) and triple-decker braid (page 310) even though that one slided sideways in the oven. Then there were the winston knot (p.306) and three methods for 1 strand rolls (p.294). Here are two more to add to the list, both made with the challah recipe on page 240/292. The first one with two strands (method 2). A perfect quick way to braid and still have a great result.

The next one with 5 strands, worked good too. A shame that during baking the straight line got a bit lost. So just a few braids to make and they're done too. Yes I know, I'm taking this real serious :)

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NKP said...

Great breads! I really admire your braiding. I need to come over for a week of braiding lessons, and wine. ;-)