Friday, September 30, 2011

Mellow Bakers in September

Last day of September, better get this post out at once. The weather is fantastic this week, but there's not much to enjoy as I'm not feeling too well. Bad headaches and sleepless nights. That's why this post just didn't happen sooner. So here are this months breads baked for the Mellow Baker Challenge (baking our way through J.Hamelman's "Bread").

Mixed Flour Miche.
I baked this one way back in 2006. As a miche is a very large loaf, it´s sometimes tricky to get it cooked through. These days I use a thermometer to measure the temp inside the bread, in 2006 were still my early learning days of many bread baking years to follow and I didn´t have that equipment just yet. Still it turned out good.

Whole rye and whole wheat bread. Whole grain breads are most baked and eaten in our house, because it has more flavour, is healthier ánd takes you further after eating it. And I can bake something all or partly white without feeling guilty when I feel like it.
This is a bread made with sourdough and a bit of yeast, which is always aa good combination, if gives the depth of flavour, less sour taste and no worries that it won't rise because of a inefficient starter. You can see my bread baking skills have progressed from baking in 2006 too.

Whole wheat bread with Pecans and golden raisins. A wonderful straight dough to handel and nuts and raisins always tickle my tastebuds in a good way. Very nice bread.
So far these months breads. Happy baking!

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