Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today it's our daughter's birthday. 12, it's going fast. So of course I was busy yesterday baking a special birthdaycake. She's getting older and so am I. Logical of course, but I can really tell 'cause I keep on misplacing, loosing things, and even though I know I just saw it... I can't find it.

Yesterday while making the cake I couldn't find my red fondant icing. I wanted to make a cake with a chicken on it, and not just any chicken but her own chicken "Donsje" (something like 'Fluffy" in english I guess). And a chicken without that red stuff on the head, well that wouldn't be a proper chicken now would it. So I searched for over an hour...getting desperate, but in the end I did found it fortunately, but it happens to me a lot lately, very frustrating. Isn't she a good looking chick?

She's the boss of the other two, mother superior so to speak. When you hold your arm about 60 cm from the ground ( ... and she feels like it...) she flies on it and you can lift her up and she'll sit on your arm to be stroked. We think that is just soo cool, you just have to be careful that she doesn't try to pick inside your nose. For some reason she's intrigued by that, maybe she thinks we have slugs in there (and maybe some of us do...)

Anyway I'm totally getting of the subject here, just wanted to show you the cake: Verjaardagstaart 'Donsje' - 12 jr


Anonymous said...

Hoi Lien gefeliciteerd met jullie dochter en een hele fijne dag gewenst.(Mooi weer om een verjaardag te vieren.) Je dochter zal wel blij zijn met haar taart want hij ziet er weer mooi uit.
Groetjes Wil V

Joke said...

Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie jarige dochter! Wil je haar ook even van mij feliciteren? En wat een prachtige taart heb je gemaakt. Complimenti.
Ik bel je binnenkort.
Saluti, Joke

natalia said...

Dear Lien, tantissimi auguri alla tua ragazza ! (ormai dire bambina sarebbe una offesa) the cake looks really fantastic !! It must be nice to have hens around !!

achel said...

I love it and though I am way past being 12, I'd like someone to bake me that!!!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oh Lien this is so really lovely. I love the hen, the hen story, the hen's name, the eggs and the cake!!
I wish I didn't understand what you mean about misplacing things and then can't fine them.

Marjoke said...

Your daughter will love this cake; I do.

It's not a symptom of getting older but just getting smarter. All that knowledge in your head and all those recipes and different techniques. There is just no room enough for less important information.

Laura said...

Lien, Buon Compleanno to your daughter. The cake looks lovely.

I am with Marjoke, we have more things in our brain that we have room for, so the brain becomes selective on what to remember.

You are wiser not older.

I will be celebrating a 12 year old in December. Hard to believe!


Cindystar said...

Happy B'day to your daughter, one of my boys turned 12 just 2 weeks ago and the last one is turning 11 next Sunday...yes, time is passing by quickly, but we can say we have been lucky to appreciate every single moment through our kids' growing!
Fantastic cake, hen is perfect!

linda said...

Congratulations! You made a very pretty cake for your daughter, I'm sure she adored it!

Elyse said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! Twelve is a big one--and an exciting one. One more year til she's a teenager...eek! This cake looks fabulous. Glad you found the red fondant :)

NKP said...

Happy birthday to the birthday girl, love the chicken cake!
I have memory problems too.... must be the ageing.. and not the wine..

marl1 said...

Lien wat een geweldige taart!!! Het lijkt als twee druppels water op Donsje...;-))))))))))))))))
Tuurlijk alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van je dochter- die vast ook een mooie 'chick' is....hmmm klinkt een beetje raar, maar is niet zo bedoeld....
Geinige kip trouwens met die slakkenfascinatie- gaat wel wat ver .....als ze in neuzen gaat neuzen!!!
(ach Lien over een jaartje of tien weet je al niet eens meer wat je ging zoeken, zei de ervaringsdeskundige....;-)

Bob and LouAnne said...

Love the cake, and love your blog. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Mine turned 26 on Saturday. You're right, it goes so fas.

Dewi said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter Lien! I am sure she will love the cake, it's beautiful!

Karen Baking Soda said...

Zie je! Dat dacht ik al maar wist het opeens niet meer zeker (ai! ook een beetje ouderdoms engte zeker). In ieder geval nog van harte gefeliciteerd!
Prachtig je cake, geweldige chick heb je gemaakt (eh..beide volgens mij!!)

Verena said...

Lien, I am sure that your daughter loved the cake! Hope she had a beautiful day!
I did not know you are also a cake designer!

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

You sure have one cool chicken and a very beautiful cake. Was your daughter happy with it?

My daughter turns 13 next month!

Jamie said...

What a great cake! I love it! And I love the fact that your daughter would want her chicken on her birthday cake!

And did I say that my husband, former veterinarian and animal lover thinks your chickens are gorgeous!

Lien said...

@ all: you know what? this week I found another jar with more red fondant and green too, which I made for this cake, because I didn't remember I had it anymore.
I'm not only getting old, I also have no order here and too much stuff...

@ Will, dank je wel, ze was er erg blij mee.

@ Joke, dank je... volgens mij wordt het een afspraakje Italiaans ijs eten?!

@ Natalia, grazie! Si le galline sono veramente carine.

@ Achel, thanks, I wouldn't mind one myself.

@ Tanna, thanks, it's comforting to know that it is (sort of) normal ;-)

@ Laura,Thanks, it's good to have friends that find excuses for things like that, feel better already!

@ Cindystar, thanks, you're right we are very priviliged to live in this part of the world and have healthy kids too!

@ Laura, she sure did!

@ Elyse, ieks indeed... teenagers... I can feel it approaching already ;-)

@ Natashya... no it's can never be blamed on the wine!!!

@ Marl1, bedankt! Nou dat belooft niet veel goed voor de toekomst!

@ Bob and Louanne, thanks! Wow 26, yes I'm sure that went by quick. As long as they turn out happy with themselves and the world around them ;-)

@ Elra thanks, she really loved it.

@ Baking Soda, ouderdom.. tja volgens Nat. kan het niet aan de wijn liggen, dus het moet vast wat anders zijn...

@ Verena, thanks. And no I'm not a cake designer by any means, I only pretend!

@ Aparna, thanks, funny our daughters arethe same age (at least for 1 month) Are you baking her something?

@ Jamie, Thanks! I think your husband has a good eye for goodlooking chicks!