Monday, November 3, 2008

World Bread Day: Afterparty.

(alleen in het Engels deze keer)

Just like last year I've been baking some of the recipes that were entered on World Bread Day 2008. It was quite a hard task not to make a baking-list for the rest of the year as there were so many entries (246! in total). Some of them were dismissed because I don't speak or read the language, but still there were lots to choose from. Here's what I've been baking (so far) for the AFTER HOURS PARTY
I started with Tanna's German Three Grain Bread. Mine wasn't as good looking as hers unfortunately, I think it was a bit too wet to hold it's shape. And second I had some errands to do, so I popped it in the oven before it was totally risen... so it tore. But it was good anyway.

Then I made the Sweet Saffron Loaf that was send in by Lorraine from 'Not quite Nigella". I used sultana's as well, but the full 100 gram. I wanted to use the currants, I bought some organic ones just two weeks ago... but found out -fortunately befóre I stuck my hand in the container!- that there were lots of white maggots crawling around.... !

Gladly there were sultana's in the house and they stayed in the dough very nicely. That's probably because I throw the raisins in right at the start. They won't be smashed as long as they're not soaked and this way they distribute more easily in the dough. Lovely yellow colour and soft cake-like crumbs. Very nice bread.

Also some rolls: the Whole Wheat rolls with sunflower seeds from Ivy at 'Kopiaste'. The recipe was a bit confusing with the cups and grams, but anybody born in the metric world has been confused by that now and then. There were pumpkin seeds on the rolls in the picture instead of sunflower seeds... so to tackle that I used both each on half of the dough. Out of lazyness I didn't bother to roll them into rolls, but just cut a large layer of dough with my dough scraper, so I would still get the square shape. Nice and light rolls. (photo here on the left)

Then there was this left-over of butternut squash hanging around in my fridge. That was the perfect excuse to bake the Squash Bread presented to us by Baking History. I used a little less liquid and added 30 g of toasted wheat germs. An amazing color... could be used for the next Bread Baking Day ;-). Lovely golden brown crispy crust too.

And all who are familiar with this blog and me, know that I always get excited for italian recipes, so when I read at 'Trattoria MuVarA' that Aiuolik send in a authentic bread recipe from Sardinia: Pani d'arrescottu, of course I had to try it. A bonus was that the making of the dough was done in the Breadmachine, so I had my mixer bowl free and I could bake two different things at once ;).

Lovely moist rolls, with a soft and rich crumb. (I just didn't dust them with so much flower) Delicious!

I was wondering if these rolls are the same as a different entry by Ross, who made these amazing Pane con la Ricotta, also a speciality fo Sardinia.

Boaz at "Grain Power" made this wonderful Semolina Beehive (Amy's bread recipe) that I just had to make. A lovely bread, with a nice light yellow color from the semolina flour, great choice!


My own recipe was Kamut rolls. Thanks to the comments of my readers I now know where to buy Kamut flour in the Netherlands, so I was happy to find more recipes with Kamut flour. Like these Italian rolls that Claudia from 'Scorza d'arancia' made: Mantovane con farina di kamut. I think I rolled them a bit too thin, because the caracteristic looks were not really there, but they were really good tastewise. I'll try these again and roll them a bit thicker next time.

I also made Sheryl's Spighe (Midnight breakfast). Lovely rolls with semolina, always a winner in this household.

And last but not least by any means.... the bread that I fell in love with even before the round-up came online:
Pan de Cremona from Mar (Todo Caserito). For this one I had use to the babelfish-translation that Mar was kind enough to send me, because my spanish is quite bad, Thanks Mar! It's a lovely shaped loaf, with layers of butter, rich and very tasty. It reminded me a bit of the Pane Sfogliato, from the Italian Sorelli sisters, I made once. Very good.

I still have some prints left that I want to make, like Christa's
Apero-brötchen or Drehbrötchen. I also like il Pane mediterraneo allo yogurt that was entered by Marianna and Rita from Cuoche per Caso. And Moms rolls by Bamamoma will be baked too when I find the time again. For the time being this will be it, other things take my time now and so I conclude by saying Thanks Zorra, for making this all possible. I bet we'll have a great afterparty! See you there!


Aiuolik said...

I'm very happy that you chose our bread! Let me know if you like it!


Lien said...

O yes Aiuolik, they were fantastic. They smelled fantastic too! Thanks.

zorra said...

Wow, Lien you were quite busy! Until today I had no time to bake even one, and you did a whole batch! I'm deeply impressed!

Lorraine E said...

Wow, what a great range of breads you baked. I feel honoured you tried the one I made! :)

Anonymous said...

Lien, I am very happy to hear that you also made the semolina beehive. It's a great bread, and I am glad you enjoyed it!

natalia said...

Wow you certaily kept yourself busy !!!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

WoooooW . . . . you must have the ability to stop the world while you bake bread! Talk about a bread basket. I'd be delighted with your bread basket alone!!
I love the way that 3 grain bread splits with the slash!!
Gorgeous breads my friend!

Arden said...

Jeetje Lien, jij bent bezig geweest zeg :-))!

Anonymous said...

Mooi brood Lien,ik hoefde ze alleen maar in de bbm te stoppen en vond al dat ik het druk had haha.
Groetjes Wil V

bakinghistory said...

Lien, what a great job you did with all of these recipes! Thank you for trying the squash bread; I am glad you liked it! :-)

koken in de buurt said...

Jeetje Lien, wat een berg heerlijk brood! Ik ben zelf erg gecharmeerd van het pompoenbrood (mooie kleur!) en van de midnight breakfast rolls (leuke vormgeving).

marl1 said...

Oooohhh Lien- wat veel lekker brood!
Dat wordt afzien bij de warme bakker..;-))
Die bramenlikeur lijkt mij ook wel wat! (+ supermooiesmakelijke foto's!)

Vera said...

Lien, what an amazing job you've done!

PG said...

these look awesome! very tempting!

Lien said...

Thanks you all. I sometimes have these crazy days that I just can't stop baking. ANd this inspired me to that. Also it was handy that we just had cleaned out the freezer and I needed a few things 'in stock'. But to reassure you all... I really didn't bake them all in one day :-)
Looking forward to next years WBD!

Cuoche per caso said...

Mi raccomando, facci sapere il risultato!!!!! :)) grazie!!!!!!!!

Scrivo in italiano perchè ho visto che lo scrivi benissimo!!! tot siens!! (tra le poche cose che ho imparato in 4 mesi ad Almen!!)