Thursday, November 6, 2008

Food-o-grafie # 1

(alleen in het engels)

I don't know how she does all this. All those different events that she initiates, and all those others that she participates in herself and she still manages to make postings about the things she makes in between....

And now there's another event: Food-o-grafie. I hesitated and thought about it for a while if I'd try to post an entry. Though I do my best to make nice pictures... I have limited knowledge about camera technology, time and resources to make them, so I can't compeed with some of those talented foodphotographers there are in the blogsphere. And boy, do I enjoy to watch those pictures a lot!! You can learn a lot from just watching and observing pictures. So I thought what the heck I'll give it a go and we'll see how far I get!

Food-o-grafie #1 is all about 'my camera'.

And this is it: a CANON Powershot G7. I bought it about 1,5 years ago after struggeling with my first (very cheap) digital camera for a while. I already blogged at that point, so of course I wanted a camera that was able to make some nice close ups and a long lasting battery-pack was also high on my wishlist and it should have at least 8 megapixs. (Other details)

I bought my first (analog) SLR many years ago with my first earned money, that was a Minolta. It was a second hand camera and it made the best pictures. I really really wanted a digital SLR , but I just couldn't afford one, at least not the one I wanted ;-). So I searched, studied and compaired to find another camera that could fulfill my wishes in the best way.

And this one (though not very cheap for a compact) seemed to be the one. You can make a macro shot up to 1 cm from the subject. It has 10 Megapixs, is small and ready to shootn a few seconds. It uses SD-memory cards, which was handy because I already had some. It has 6x optical zoom, which makes it easy to get things hard to approach a bit nearer. The only thing that is sometimes hard to get the right lighting indoors. That is to shoot what you see in exactly the same colors. But that probably has more to do with the setting in which I take the food-pictures.

So if I had the same amount of money to spend... yes I would buy this one again. But as said it's not my dream camera. If and when my ship with golden coins sails in, I'll buy a SLR. I don't know what type, because the ship probably won't come soon and the technical features change so quickly, by that time I'll make a study of it. It'll probably be a Canon or a Nikon.

I choose this picture of Buckwheat pancakes with blue berry compôte, because I like the clarity of it. It's crisp and looks appetizing to me. Recently I heard a food photographer say that you shouldn't photograph food on the color blue. (I still don't know why, because I see lots of good pictures with blue) But I'm not restricted by such knowlegde, rules and guideliness, and I like it. I think the repetition of round forms make it stronger too, the blue berries, pancakes and the round shapes in the plate.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Rules are made to be broken! And you've proved it here!
Know just what you mean about the SLR. I'll wait with you for that ship with the golden coins . . .

linda said...

I'm still struggling with my Kodak EasyShare ;) A SLR is on my wishlist but because it costs so much it's not high on it.
Strange about the blue...I use a white plate with small blue flowers all over whenever I have something brown and it looks very good on it, much better than just white. Maybe if the plate would be completely blue it would be different?

marl1 said...

Nou, dit is toch een beauty van een pic...!!!Ondanks of dankzij het blauw....;-)) heb ook een G7, maar ben ook wel aan het koekeloeren naar een SLR.....;-))
Toch wil ik nog even kwijt dat je altijd smaakvolle èn smakelijke foodfoto's maakt!! (die G7 is zo gek nog niet...;-))

Lien said...

@ Tanna, you're so right, rules are in the way at times. And with some rules I wonder who made them in the first place!

@ Linda, you make the most beautiful pictures even without a SLR! It's for a big part in the photographer that makes the picture! "Roeien met de riemen die we hebben" zullen we maar zeggen!

@ Mar1, Dank je wel. Je hebt gelijk hoor, ik mag tevreden zijn met wat de G7 allemaal kan! Kan ik tenminste stiekem denken dat het vooral aan de maker ligt! :-))

Ilva said...

i tagged you for a meme if you feel like it!

Lien said...

@ Ilva, I'll give it a shot!

Gea said...

Ik vind het een fantastische foto, heel mooi!

zorra said...

I never heard about the "blue-rule". As Tanna said with your pics you prove the contrary. About the indoor lighting, this will be our next theme. ;-)

Thx for your participation in first food-o-grafie Event.