Sunday, July 27, 2008

For Sher

This month no Bread Baking Babe-Bread, but some sad news. Last week Sher, from What did you eat? suddenly passed away. This dreadful news reached me today, when I was looking through my mails after our return from our holiday. To pay tribute to Sher, the plan was to cook or bake something from her blog in her honour and post about it today.

But as I just returned I won't be able to do that at this point, but I still wanted to write this little post in her honour and give my warmest sympathy and lots of strenght to all her family and friends.

I 'met' Sher through the Bread Baking Babes, so that hasn't been a very long time, but she still made an impression on me; a loving and caring personality. Under her guidence we baked the Poilâne Style miche and we had a great time doing that! I'm glad we were able to bake together. And she'll be dearly missed in our group, as in other groups or events in the blogosphere, where she was very active.

If you like to read some more about Sher, visit her blog or read the wonderful tribute her friend Glenna wrote. I wish all who knew her -long or short, personal or through the net- all the best. Love for her family and friends.
Bye bye dear Sher, we will miss you!


Anonymous said...

Welkom thuis , Lien.\
Geen leuk bericht, hè, zo rauw op je dak.Knap dat je toch nog zo'n mooie "tribuut "voor haar kon maken , zo snel.

Anonymous said...

Mag ik me, heel laf ik weet het, bij de vorige spreekster aansluiten omdat er verder weinig te zeggen valt. Groetjes Wil V.