Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bread Baking Buddies March

I'm afraid Anissa got us another addiction with the recipe of last month, the Biscotti Picanti. I thought these little snacks are just delicious. I really loved the way how all buddies tweaked the recipe to their own liking and some wonderful combinations were discovered. You are all so inventive! 

Thanks all for baking with us this monh, it was a real pleasure to see all your entries and read about it on your blogs/in the mail. Here you can see the wonderful entries of the February recipe.... hope to see you all again next time!!

Thanks Anissa for this wonderful recipe and your kind permission to publish it here, we all had a lot of fun with it. I love her book where this recipe stars in "Savory baking from the Mediterranean".
If I missed the mail anyone for this round up or I forgot to sent the badge by mistake, let me know please and I'll fix it.

Cathy from "Bread Experience"  made a wonderful marinara dip to go with it, home made! I'd love to try that. Love the golden colour of those slices!!

 Connie from "My discovery of bread" added some nigella seeds and black and white sesame seeds to her biscotti and didn't use wine but water. Lovely all those little black specks!

Gilad doesn't have a blog, but shared some of her photo's of the biscotti with us and share her ideas in the mail: It went out delicious (How can go wrong with such outrageous amount of olive oil?)
I made 2 changes to the recipe:I replace the anise with allspice (I hate anise)
I don't drink wine, so I omit the wine and put water instead.
I don't have an official blog like you all do, but I have a modest site in which I put my vegan recipes (most of them sweet).

Judy ( "Judy's Gross Eats") also made these wonderful crispy snacks. She loves aniseeds (like me) and the nutty flavour of the sesame seeds.

Kelly from "A messy kitchen" made the biscotti with "a mix of flours, spelt, semolina, and all purpose as well as a mix of fennel, sesame and caraway seeds for my "what's available in the pantry" version". Well done (I love pantry available twists!)

Koy ("Pepsakoy") baked with us just for fun (the best reason there is!) and "added a tsp of sugar to the dough and secondly replaced half of aniseed with fennel seed". They look so delicious and delicate. I bet she wished she didn't made just half the recipe :)

Then a buddy from Hungary: Agnes with her blog "Szeretetrehangoltan"(I wonder what that means?)
These little biscotti look so beautifully golden. Well I can't speak a word of Hungarian, so thanks Agnes for telling about your tweaks in the mail. Here are the changes she made: "The anise seeds to garlic. The white sesame to nature and black. The white wine to rose. It's a really tasteful and chrunchy biscotti. It's fine with itself or with cheese/ ham, but the best for me one slice of avocado"

Last but certainly not least is Sandie "Crumbs of love". She is a dare-it-all and added a lot of things at first that didn't work out in the end, so she made a second attempt and these biscotti are too die for. Perseverence... I like that.

Thanks again for baking with us!!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Wow! Some new folks baking with us. Great fun.
Yes, a new addiction, just what we needed. I'm about to bake these again.

mági said...

Dear Lien!
Many Thanks. It was great to baking.
Szeretetrehangoltan means: - to be love of tune.
Other point of wiev:
- szeretet=love
- hangol= to tune
- tan= to teach or disciple

Let's bake together.

( I don't speak englis but I learn it. )


Elizabeth said...

Great round-up, Lien.

I like that there were so many variations of spices, including Gilad's use of allspice.

Ágnes, I'm so glad you translated the title of your blog. Google Translate was way off the mark by saying it meant "Charity Concert"

mági said...

I like this variation ( Charity concert ) :)

Connie said...

They all look great and delicious. Thanks for this great theme.