Saturday, March 3, 2012

ABC - emergency baking

Emergency baking this month for the Avid Bakers ChallengeEmergency blender cupcakes with fudgy frosting. Now I have to start by saying I'm not really a cupcake person. Don't make them often and although they are beginning to get more popular here in the Netherlands, they are not yet a big thing here. We're more "give-me-a-slice-of-a-loafcake" kinda people.
But baking something I normally wouldn't (do often) is always nice.

These cupcakes were very dense, weren't they. I didn't really understand why there wasn't any baking powder involved. The baking soda was in, but shouldn't that be accompanied by something sour to make it work? So they were dense, almost like a brownie. That could have been good, but they were like wet brownies to me.

Then there was frosting. I only made half that recipe, cause there was condensed milk involved and our boy can't eat that. So I thought I'd only frost half.  Wrong... half the recipe could easily frost all twelve and then some. Way too much, I still have some in the fridge that we now use as chocolate spread on sandwiches.

I don't get this blender thing either, it's not any quicker as when you would be using a bowl and just whisked it by hand (or in the standmixer). It gives more work in a blender, cause you have to clean the blender by hand from all that sticky chocolaty batter, while a normal bowl would be licked clean by the dishwasher.
Sheez I'm really in a moaning mood here. In spite of all this, were they good? Well they're all gone and liked by the kids, but for me too dense, too heavy and too sweet. But as said... I'm just not a cupcake/frosting kinda girl.


Baking Soda said...

Same here Lien!! I'm just blown away with your cupcake liners... they are so beautiful!

Anyhoo back to the cupcakes, I made them a while ago following the recipe and didn't like them at all. I think maybe our Dutch cacao is to blame?
I do understand your baking soda/powder question. (If I remember correctly the natural cacao asks for baking soda and Dutch doesn't need that. They say to add 1/2 tsp lemon juice when using Dutched cacao)

I'm thinking of replacing the soda by powder and see what I get.

kitchen flavours said...

Your cupcakes looks wonderful and the cases are really pretty! I'm sorry to hear that you are not particularly fond of these cupcakes. We love it as it is really moist and soft. Glad that your kids enjoyed these though. :) Wish you a lovely week!

Chelly said...

For not liking certainly did a good job! They look delicious!

Leslie said...

Sorry these ended up being a little high maintenance for you. They were nice and moist, but maybe yours needed another minute in the oven?

Your cupcake liners are GORGEOUS!

Lois B said...

I love the way your sprinkles go with the tablecloth! Great photos.

Janis said...

Your cupcakes look so pretty especially with those liners!

Hanaâ said...

Sorry to hear you didn't like these too much. They sure look pretty! I used Dutch cocoa too and made some changes to the leavening. You can find the changes on my blog, if you're interested.

Lien said...

IN the meantime I've searched and the Dutch cocoa is probably to blame. Thanks all for pointing that out to me as that would have never occured to me. So this turnes out to be a great learning point. Natural cocoa powder has acidity from the cocoa beans and the dutch processed one has an alkali added to neulieutralize the acidity.

My food bible says:
3 TB unsweetened natural cocoa powder = 3 TB Dutch processed cocoa powder+ 1/8 tsp cream of tartar.