Friday, March 8, 2013

ABC in no-knead-mode

It was a hype a few years ago, baking dough in a hot pot or pan without kneading it, though there is some folding involved. It was nice to bake like that once, but it's not something I have done often after the first time. I baked in a cast-iron pan then and used that this time too. The dough is easy peasy, the flavours are great together.

I used the recipe as I found it on the King Arthur Flour site, later I found out that there was a more extended version of the recipe on the KAF-blog. The one thing I had a problem with: baking a bread with fruits and chocolate chips in it and as always some sticking out and burning (as always) was 'tackled' by poking the fruit (and chocolate?) that  was on the surface back inside. Mmm.. have some doubt about that. Because of this problem I personally wouldn't bake a loaf with such delicate filling in such a fierce/hot way. The bread was good, but I rather bake a country style loaf like this, to get a chewy crust than a sweet fruity loaf. But that's probably a personal thing.

It was a very tasty bread all the same, love the flavours of cherry, chocolate and nuts together.

No-Knead Chocolate-Cherry Pecan Bread


Karin Anderson said...

Haha, Lien, I like your matter-of-fact approach, and I hear the frequent bread baker speaking...
The delicate add-ins in a otherwise lean bread dough are a challenge, I agree. You normally either have an enriched dough, baked at a lower temperature, or a lean dough, baked at a higher temperature.

Hanaâ said...

I'm glad this was a hit. I really like the picture of the inside view. Looks like you had the perfect distribution of add-ins :o)

Karen Baking Soda said...

You got an almost marbled effect Lien, very pretty, I think the chocolate did that?
I agree with you on the temperature, I lowered it with mine.. ooops.. naughty baker me

kitchen flavours said...

Your bread looks wonderful with the gorgeous crust!
This recipe is awesome! This is one bread that I'll be baking again!