Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bread Baking Day #17: ROUND UP - Part II

Part Two
Here we continue the round up of the Bread Baking Day-event # 17 (Bread and Pototoes), take a look at part 1 to see the larger breads. ENJOY!

Small(er) breads with potatoes:

Glenda from "
Domesticated Engineer" was inspired by different recipes and decided to made her own recipe using sourdough and yogurt and the results sure look fantastic! She made "sourdough potato bread" (ánd rolls ánd hamburger buns!)
Location: Wichita, KS, USA

Marjoke from "Company in my Kitchen" made some mouthwatering "Potato buns" with 2 savory stuffings. It must have smelled like heaven in her kitchen!
Location: the Netherlands

Aparna from "My diverse Kitchen" has baked a real treat! Wonderful "Spicy potato and pea bolsos". Filled breads that don''t only look and taste good, but are a meal in one! Beautiful picture too.
Location: Goa, India

Jamie from "Life's a feast" sent in two entries, one of them were these wonderful fluffy and airy "Perfect potato buttermilk dinner rolls" in a wonderful festive party bread shape.
Location: Nantes, France

Olga from "Las recetas de Olga" participated for the first time in this event and baked us these wonderful whole wheat breads "pan integral de patata casero". Olga I'm sure this will not be your only time participating this event, 'cause you sure made some wonderful breads!
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Audrey ("
Food from books") was the first that made a sweet recipe. Look at these delicious "Yukon Gold cinnamon Rolls", my mouth is watering. I love how she wrote different notes on what to expect while baking this. Great job Audrey.
Location: Massachusetts, USA

There were also these wonderful "Potato Stuffed Corn Bread" send by Soma ("Ecurry"). These are quick bread rolls and don't they look handsome?! A wonderful thing for a picknick too.
Location: Texas, USA

Caitlin ("Engineer Baker") made these fantastic "Potato bread bowls". Such an original idea, I love it. They were filled with crabsalate and used the tins as a mold.
Location: Oshkosh, WI, USA

Chuck ( "The Knead for Bread") also sent in an older post he did, with some wonderful: "Potato Bagel Stars". The lovely trick from Richard Bertinet makes shaping this star really fun. Great looking bagels.... and someone was inspired by this....
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Stefanie ( "Hefe und mehr") got inspired by Chuck and made these wonderful and festive looking "potato-bagel-stars". Lovely to see a different shaped bagel!!
Location: Germany

Arundathi ("My food blog"), -another wonderful entry from India-, made "Buns", that sounds simple doesn't it... but they're double potato buns (in the dough and the filling) with spices and different fillings, they just make your mouth water!
Location: India

Sara ("Iamfoodblog") was one of few that used sweet potato, look at the wonderful color of her "Sweet potato buttermilk rolls". They are light and airy inside and even her friend (who don't like sweet potatoes) ate one and liked it.
Location: USA

Cinzia ("Cindystar") entered a very original recipe, originated in Ireland called "Boxty". They're made with a combination of raw and cooked potatoes. Don't they look good?!
Location: Bardolino, Italy

Meng Ni ("Sugary Secrets") just called these wonderful looking rolls "Bread and potatoes". She used the Tang Zhong method to make her rolls very light and airy. That's something to find out for me how that all works.
Location: Singapore

Bee and Jai ("Jugalbandi") asked if they could sent in an older post, I said OK and here is this wonderful "Naan with potato dough". You can read all about the story behind naan and the different way to cook them.
Location: North Western USA

Michelle ("Big Black Dog") made wonderful buns for hamburgers: "Sourdough Potato Rolls". But a few were eaten before there was a burger on the, just with butter, yeah that's how good they are!!
Location: Northern IL, USA

Pat ("Feeding my enthusiasms and Blog") made our second sweet entry: "Sweet Potato Orange Fantan Rolls", with orangemarmelade between the layers and a sugar glaze. Mmm.
Location: Northern California, USA

Jude ("Apple Pie, Patis and Pâté") entered this fantastic "Rosemary Potato Pizza", the dough made with Biga Naturale. A bit late, but so glad he did, look at this wonderful topping with different colored potatoes.
Location: Chicago, USA

And finally my own "Potato Spelt Rolls" to complete this section of the round up with small breads. It was a wonderful experience for me, my first hosting of a real event and I've loved to see the wonderful entries come in. Thanks again to all the participants and Zorra who initiated this event in the first place, that have made this month another successfull BREAD BAKING DAY.

And now I pass the breadstick to Mansi of the "Fun and Food Blog", who will announce a brand new theme for the coming month on March 6. See you all there!!!


Aparna Balasubramanian said...

I just took a look at the other part of the round-up too and there's a mind boggling variety of breads. Who knew potato breads could come in so many varieties?
Thanks Lien for a great theme.

Anonymous said...

Great contributions & great theme! & a wonderful collection.

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job and every time I want to bake a bread with potatoes, I'll look at this round up. Maybe we'd better call it round world because there are so many recipes from different parts of the world.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful effort! thank you, dear lien.

Jude said...

Thanks for the roundup and the fun theme!

Cindystar said...

what a real great round up!
it will take me a long time to taste a bit from everybody...my compliments to all!

Lien said...

THANKS to all of you who made it happen. It's been my pleasure hosting this....let's find out what's next months theme!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful roundup!! Just don't know where to start - the spread is so amazing.


Anonymous said...

Hoi Lien. Great round up. In the end my bread was great to take to the office as a sandwich. So now off to try more of the posted recipes.
groetjes. Isis