Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mellow Bakers in February

This month I'm early with my post on the February Breads of the Mellow Bakers Challenge. I had it easy because I already baked all of them. Some a few years back and others recently. I'm still trying to get my starter on the go for the three breads I missed in January, so I still have my work cut out for me this month. Let's start with a display of the February Breads and all keep your fingers crossed that this d**n starter will finally work.... *cough*..and that I won't forget feeding it.

First here are the three different Whole Wheat breads, all from my favorite chapter "Breads made with yeasted pre-ferments". You can't go wrong quickly with pre-ferments, (unlike sourdough that still makes me worry) but still you get this wonderful depth of flavour without the tangy taste of sourdough.

1. Whole-wheat bread.
I baked this in 2006 (so old photo)... wow how time flies! A wonderful healthy and tasty bread.

2. Whole-wheat bread with hazelnuts and currants.
Delicious, can't go wrong with nuts and dried fruit in my book. If you can find the time, take the trouble and toast the nuts before you put them in, that adds so much flavour.

3. Whole-Wheat bread with a multigrain soaker. 
Wonderful way to include other grains or seeds into a bread with a tasty result. I use this way of soaking things before mixing in a lot of daily breads now.

Normandy Apple Bread. Great tasty loaf, I just love how you can see the bread speckled with those apple pieces.

And finally another square bread baked in the pullman tin: Toast Bread. Great love, I don't taste much difference between this one and the pullman loaf we baked last month, I'm curious to find out if others tasted a difference.

And those are the breads for February, I hope to get back here this month with the 3 breads I didn't bake yet in January.


Karen Baking Soda said...

Not sure what amazes me most; the fact that you find your older pics ánd know which is what or your production!
Still smitten with the pain de mie bread!

Melanie said...

All your breads look lovely!! Wow, you've been baking breads alot longer than I. We loved the hazelnut/currant bread too! I haven't created a starter yet. I heard it's hard to do in the winter. Is that true? I might try it next week though. Did you use high gluten flour in the toast bread?

zorra said...

Wow, I am like Karen impressed. I don't even have started. ;-)

All your loaves look awesome.

NKP said...

You rock, lady!
Great bunch of breads - excellent idea to make buns out of the ww.

(ps - the word verification is "maties")