Sunday, July 17, 2016

BBBBB aka Bread Baking Babes Bake Bialys

This month our Babe Judy ("Judy's gross eats") brings us a delicious little roll to bake: Bialys. And what's not to love about that. I baked bialys before, but it was a pleasure to bake these lovely rolls again, even if I am a day late baking and posting them. Judy gave us two different recipes for bialys to choose from, I picked number 1. Thanks Judy for picking these lovely rolls.
I made a few little changes, like adding some garlic to the onion mixture and a little cheese in half of them (though I didn't really taste that through the onions), used 1 tsp less salt. I used shallots and red onions (because I didn't have any others kind) so that's why they look quite dark in the picture... and I left them a little too long in the pan, while I was chasing a chicken that escaped and almost got herself electrocuted when she hit the fence that keeps the sheep in. She is alright, just was in a bit of shock... literally and figuratively .
But anyway great rolls to eat just like that or with some soup or stew. We would love you to try and bake some as well and become our Bread Baking Buddy. Bake, tell us about it and sent this to Judy who'll add you to the round up later. So have fun and let us know how it went. Deadline for entering the 29th of July. Check out the other Babes (links in the side bar) to get inspired.

(makes 16 bialys)
(PRINT recipe)
70 g AP flour
80 g water
¼ tsp active yeast
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 tsp poppy seeds
1/2 tsp salt
freshly milled pepper
1/2 onion minced, per bialy
1 clove of garlic, minced
482 g bread flour
269 g all-purpose flour
1 Tbsp salt
2 tsp sugar
all of the poolish
1/2 tsp active dry yeast
± 440 g luke warm water
Make the poolish the night before baking day , mix together the ingredients, cover and leave out at room temperature overnight.
Combine all dough ingredients together except the salt. When dough comes together, knead for 6 minutes. Add salt and knead for another 4 minutes. Set aside (covered) to rise for 2 hours.
Roll into a log on a flour dusted surface. Scale out dough at 85 g a ball (about 16 bialys total)
Press each out to shape without overworking and leaving 2,5 cm lip around edge.
Proof dough balls (allow to rise again) in warm spot covered with a clean dish towel for an hour or until soft and airy.
Sauté onions in 1 Tbsp olive oil until light caramel in color, add the minced garlic, pepper, salt and poppy seeds in during the last minutes. Make center depression in each one and fill with
the filling. Bake at 230ºC oven, preferably on a pizza stone, for about 12-15 minutes.
(adapted from a recipe by Elizabeth Faulkner)


Karen said...

Those look perfect Lien! Love your take on the filling. Garlic sounds wonderful.

Elizabeth said...

garlic... shallots... red onion... oh, that sounds wonderful! I'm glad the straying chicken didn't spoil the result. AND that she wasn't electrocuted!

I don't think your onions look too dark at all. I'm with Karen K; I think your bialys look perfect.

Katie Zeller said...

Poor chicken.... We've had a dog hit the fence and, yes, it was shocking but not harmful LOL Your bialys are lovely (with garlic - perfect)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oh, garlic ... why didn't I think to add garlic! Totally perfect.
Something is always making life crazy but electrocuting your chicken ... poor chick.

hobby baker Kelly said...

Aw, poor chicken. I second everybody, love your triple filling! And your crusts are so gorgeous and shiny even. Just beautiful.

Cathy (Bread Experience) said...

Garlic sounds like a great addition. I'm going to have to try the poolish version. Yours look delicious! So glad your chicken is okay.