Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kouign Amann Buddies - Round Up

These Kouign Amann were really delicious weren't they?! The buttery, sugar crusted layered lovelies from Brittany. I don't think there was anyone who didn't like them. And all of them turned out beautiful as well.

Five Bread Baking Buddies sent in their bakes and take a look at those pictures: beautiful. I'm getting a craving for them just by looking at these pictures.

Thanks all Bread Baking Buddies for sending in your entries, I'm glad you enjoyed making, baking, sharing and eating them with us

  • Carola ("Sweet and that's it") made these, love the suger on top. and check her blog for her tip how to make the butter block the right size using a ziplock bag.
  • Kelly from "A messy kitchen" proofed that the use of spelt flour also makes wonderful Kouign amanns. She also lined her muffin tin with sugar and salt, I think that's just a great idea to remember next time I make these.
  • Judy ("Judy's gross eats") was able to bake the recipe just before she moved house. As several people were saying, these pastries were also on her to-bake-list for a while too. Hers had beautiful layering and a little chocolate too.
  • Sandie from "Crumbs of love" also made little ones in a mini muffin tin for Portion control sake, that didn't work btw. Here another great tip to make a butter blok, line a 6" (15 x 15 cm) tin with plastic and push the butter in it in a flat layer. Great tip.
  • Karen ("Karen's kitchen stories") chilled the dough overnight in the fridge, so she could eat them for breakfast, now that's a great reason to get out of bed! And her pastries look fantastic caramelised on top and bottom.


Sweet and That's it said...

The wonderful world of Kouign Amanns!
Thank you so much Lien for introducing us to this delicious recipe and thank you for this great round up.
It's always so intereting and "mouth watering" to see them all.

hobby baker Kelly said...

Definitely need to make them again!

Karen said...

Thanks for this great recipe! I'm so glad you introduced me to it.

Elle said...

They all look so good. What a talented group of Buddies. So glad y'all baked with us this month. :)

Elizabeth said...

Excellent round up for an excellent recipe. Many thanks once again for choosing it, Lien.