Monday, September 1, 2014

Back for an ABC-challenge...

After a few months MIA as far as the ABC-challenges are concerned, I'm back this month with Almond tartlets.

I love all things with almonds and these wonderful frangipane filled pies are utterly delicious. I was tempted to make one large one, as that's less fiddly and less moulds to clean afterwards. But they just look so cute and as I own enough tartlets forms, I decided to use them in spite of the extra work. For me to serve one tarlet each is a little to big. So when served I halve them.

I was suprised that the crusts didn't need any blind baking, just some fork pricking to keep them down: that didn't really work that well as they puffed up quite a lot anyway. Next time I'd rather blind bake them for better results. I had enough dough for 6 tartlets, but filling for 7 or 8. So that's a bit of a shame to have that left over. I skipped the glaze, as there is enough sugar in the filling already and I didn't miss the glaze at all.
Delicious tartlets that were really worth the bake!


Zosia said...

Your tarts are awfully cute ;)! So glad you liked it, it was a big hit with my family as well. I made 1 large 23cm tart and had the opposite problem: not enough filling for the crust!

Cobbs Hill said...

These came out beautiful and perfect!

Hanaâ said...

Very pretty Lien! Initially I thought of Rondo's :) I love how moist your filling looks. Did you bake it less time?