Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tarts for the Avid Baker's Challenge

This month we're baking Mushroom Cheddar tarts for the Avid Baker's Challenge. They were very good. I made some changes, I used Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. I also made another filling with cherry tomatoes, olives and onion, because some of us don't like mushrooms or red pepper.

In the end I made 18 tarts.... and had quite a lot dough left. This because the filling was not enough to fill them all. Even though I had more mushrooms that I used in these tarts as well (that were meant to go on a pizza) ánd filled some of them with another filling as said. So that was not very handy. I also though the bottom wasn't as cooked as I liked it to be. I think I would rather bake the recipe as a large tart than all these little ones, just a bit too fussy for me, I just wasn't patient enough to make them all look cute and equal. But nice and delicious tarts.

Mushroom Cheddar Tarts: Recipe HERE


Zosia said...

For not having the patience to make them look cute, yours look awfully adorable! And they sound tasty too, especially with tomato and olive filling.

sunita rohira said...

I like the look of your tarts. But yes it is fussy making small bites, larger one is much quicker. Your tomato-olive filling sounds delicious.

Karen Kerr said...

I am grateful for your post because I cut my dough in half!! They were yummy!

Hanaâ said...

They look pretty cute to me :) I baked mine at the bottom of my oven (on a pizza stone) to make sure the bottom got cooked all the way through properly. I like the idea of making one large pie instead of small ones :)