Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bread Baking Buddies bake a fantastic Round-up

Finally here's the round up of the February BBB recipe. Thanks for all your patience, sorry it took so long. Eight wonderful Bread Baking Buddies baked along this time. I guess it was a recipe that took a little tweaking and adjusting and that's just what everybody did. The Buddies have a little advantage, because some things that can or has to be changed, have already popped to the surface by the baking of the Rgaif by the Babes. Like the use of AP-flour, more salt (depending on the filling or meal they accompany), more olive oil when stretching them and given them a last rolling out before baking.

I think all your Ragaïf are an inspiration for us to make them another time, there are so many possibilities in filling, baking and serving them. Thanks so much for baking with us, it's been wonderful!

Paola ("Le mie ricette con e senza") made such amazing folded and baked Rgaíf. Ánd she was the only one who fried a few. And boy those look so delicious, a inspiring photo, which makes me want to make them again..and deep fry them!

Renee ("Kudos Kitchen") filled and folded her Rgaïf with two cheeses and pistachios...that just sounds so good. She wasn't completely satisfied by the way they look, but I think they're great. No danger of that precious cheese escaping!

Gilad ("Gilad Ayalon Vegan") baked these and his kids loved them so much they dissappeared in no time (the Rgaïf that is... not the kids!). He researched as a lot of you did and found the name "Msemmen" being the same thing.

Sandie ("Crumbs of love")  had a breeze stretching the dough very thin (as she practised making sfogliatelle a few weeks back! WOW), and they look the part.  A carrot filling, goatcheese with pistachios ánd one filled with strawberies  and a drizzle of chocolate sauce on top.... all sound equally delicious, well done.

Carola ("Sweet and that's it") made a delicious filling for some of her rgaïf: Sugar, ground almonds, cinnamon and coconut oil... that sound just right for my sweet tooth! She also made some plain, but she preferred the filled ones!

Karen ("Karen's kitchen stories") made them without filling, but dipped them into the broth of a spicy mussel soup, now that sounds like a great idea! She had no problem stretching the dough, they look great Karen.

Claartje's  ("Claire's baking") filling also really appeals to me. It's simple, but very tasty: homemade garlic herb butter. Yes that is just  a real treat with a drink (before or after dinner), or with some soup. Delicious!

Dewi ("Elra's baking") has the baking talent running in the family because her sister made the recipe, and wow did she do a good job. They look so thin and lovely layered. Wonderful pictures of the beautiful hands shaping and making these Moroccan flatbreads. Great idea to make a meat filling, add a salad and have a complete meal!

And those are our fantastic Bread Baking Buddies this month. I think I have them all, if not and you've send in your entry but still are missing here, please send me a line and it'll be fixed!
Thank you all for baking with us and giving us ideas and inspiration for new fillings and ways to eat them. Hope to see you next month.


Heather S-G said...

Nice job BBBuddies! I love how each one has it's own personality :).

Claire said...

Beautiful round up and fantastic recipe, thank you Lien!

Elle said...

Such a wonderful group of Buddies baking, lots of variations. Great round-up, too. Lien.

Sweet and That's it said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful round up, Lien.
I really love to see all the breads at one place... it makes my mouth water ;-)