Sunday, December 1, 2013

Last time this year the Avid Baker's Challenge

I'm back with another edition of the Avid Baker's Challenge, the last one this year. It's still one of the recipes from the King Arthur Flour Site. Small breads this time: Hot buttered soft pretzels. Relatively easy to make. The dough is easy to work with, rolling the strands was a breeze. I didn't have any pretzel salt, and I don't like too much salt on the breads, so I also made some with sesame seeds. I pretty much followed the recipe to the letter, I just let them bake a few minutes longer and used less salt in the dough.
Hot Buttered Soft Pretzels (recipe)
And even though the pretzels were nice, they weren't special enough for me to make them again.  The bathing in the baking soda bath didn't give something extra, they were just like normal 'rolls', just a bit more chewy.


Zosia said...

Your pretzels are perfectly shaped and have such a nice sheen to them. In the absence of pretzel salt, I also used sesame seeds.

Hanaâ said...

Nice golden color on your pretzels, Lien. The sesame seeds look pretty!

Sunita said...

Your pretzels look good. Sesame seeds add a nice touch.

Karin Anderson said...

They look very nice, Lien.
But it seems that you and the majority of ABC bakers doesn't think this is a keeper, so I will skip this challenge.
Can't bake right now, anyway, since I'm in Mexico. (I hope I don't get withdrawal symptoms!)

Karen said...

They still look pretty! I found that if I toasted them the next day, they were more "pretzely."

QembarDelites said...

Hi Lien, I think your pretzels look wonderful, the color is so golden!