Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bread Baking Buddies March - Round Up

A bit later than I intended but, I'm honoured to present the talented Bread Baking Buddies that baked with us this March. Remember we were baking the "Gâteau à la crème", a delicious brioche pie with a lemon-custard filling.
We all love to see the breads made by our Buddies, it's always very much fun to see one recipe being baked with a many different results as there are bakers. All the different variations makes it clear that you can bent it to you own likings/fridge content.

Thanks all Bread Baking Buddies for participating this month and we hope to see you all again (and many more) next month!

Carola ("Sweet and that's it"). Had to laugh at this funny picture... skinny Barbie going for a dive in a pool of cream and sugar. Carola kept the custard filling, but made the dough not using all butter, but substituting at least 2/3 with quark. Great idea for less calories.

Natalia ("Gatti, Fili e Farina") made a gâteau with less animal products by using oil instead of butter in the dough and she used a different filling. Wonderful strawberry jam. Looks delicious, Natalia!

Sandie ("Crumbs of love") used a different dough recipe and found that there are many brioche recipes that differ a lot from eachother. I never have seen/had/tasted a Meyer lemon here in our country, but from all the posts I've read about them this filling must be to die for.

Karen ("Karen's Kitchen stories") made a wonderful gâteau filled with part sour cream and part heavy cream instead of the crème fraîche. Again it's clear you can adjust this recipe to your liking. She added a different flavour to the filling by using tangelo juice and orange oil.

Ági ("Szeretetrehangoltan") made a beautiful high bread by using a tin, this way the bread doesn't spread out in the oven and less chance of the filling escaping. Love those little birds (are they birds?) you made from the left over dough a lot.

Claartje ("Claartjes Baking Journey") made a perfect bread for Easter, looking like an egg itself. Great colour on the filling too. Good to know that the curly dough hooks from a handheld mixer worked as well!

Barbara ("Barbara bakes") was a little late, but very welcome nonetheless. Here her wonderful filled bread with homemade (!) crème fraîche. Never thought of making that myself, but it's widely available here and not expensive. Perfect rounds too. Well done.

Thanks all for baking with us!


Sweet and That's it said...

What a beautiful round up Lien. It was so interesting to read about all the changes and combinations that were made for this delicious Gateâu à la crème.

About the Meyer Lemon,... I totally agree with you: I've read so much that I trip to the USA (or China since they are originally from there) would be worth just for them! Are you coming with me?

All the best and many greeting from Switzerland

Barbara Bakes said...

A wonderful roundup. I was a bit late, but mine is up. Thanks!

natalia said...

Thank you Lien ! It was so good that seeing the round up I'm tempted to bake it again !

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Wow what fabulous buddies!
I'll get to read each one on Friday when I'm back home. Wonderful treat Lien, thanks again!

Heather S-G said...

Great baking buddies - I want (at least) one slice of each!

Elizabeth said...

Excellent round up, Lien. And forgive me for being repetitive, but I cannot stop. Many thanks for this wonderful recipe. It's delicious!

Elle said...

Lovely variations on the recipe, and delightfully different each from the other. Have to say, the Barbie photo at the top is a winner.