Saturday, February 2, 2013

ABC is baking pie/cake

This month we bake a cake and we'll call it pie. Don't know why it's called pie, but this Boston Cream Pie is a cake with a layer of pastry cream in the middle and is topped off with a chocolate glaze.
I must admit I wasn't looking forward baking this, it didn't really shouted "bake me, I'm good!" to me.

I decided to make a dairy free version of this cake so all in my family could enjoy it. Milk changed (as usual) into oatmilk and I made the pastry cream and the chocolate glaze with coconut milk. That was really delicious!
Boston Cream Pie (recipe here)

I was puzzled when I poured the warm milk and melted butter mixture in the light and airy egg/sugar foam. It instantly lost most of its air. Should I have waited for it to cool further? didn't see that in the recipe. So the cake was a bit heavy because of that, but with all this vanilla in it, it still tasted good. The coconut milk-pastry cream was very good, though I think I'll delute it a little more next time, cause as it cooled it became very stiff, that'll take some experimenting in the future.
We like this pie, especially our youngest, who already asked me to bake it again.


Karin Anderson said...

Your milk mixture might have been a bit too warm, maybe you poured it too fast into the egg mixture?
I never heard of oat milk, sounds interesting. Your cake looks very pretty, and coconut chocolate glaze has to be good.

Karen said...

Your substitutions sound really interesting, and your cake/pie looks gorgeous. I will try some of the ingredients you've used.

Karen Baking Soda said...

coconut glaze? What a great idea! Did you bake this one with DB as well? I did and I remember we didn't care for it as much as you would guess from the time that one took ;-)
Preparing the cakes right now, pastry cream is ready

Jenn said...

When you pour the milk mixture, did you have the mixer running as the recipe instructed? My milk mixture was boiling hot but it was okay. Despite your issue, your cake looks great though!

Hanaâ said...

Your cake looks great and your creativity to make desserts work for your kids never seizes to amaze me. Great job on the substitutions. I too had issues with the cake. I made a different BCP recipe before and that recipe has you add the flour mixture to the egg/sugar mixture first and then add the milk/butter in the end (which makes more sense to me). But then again, other ABC-ers didn't have any cake issues :o)

Lien said...

Yes Jenn, I did let the mixer running. Good to know that at least it wasn't the temperature of the milk.
@ Hanaâ, yes that makes more sense to me too. Or just alternating the milk and flour.

Lien said...

@Baking Soda, no I was never a DB!

Chelly said...

Love your creativity....It looks great!

Lara said...

I like the idea of using a milk substitute. I generally use almond milk and have never tried coconut milk. I went on and use traditional milk for this recipe as I was unsure how the almond would substitute. Now I will have to give it a try! Thank you for sharing!