Thursday, November 1, 2012

Autumnal ABC

This month there is a pumpkin pie on the Avid Bakers Challenge menu. Really appropriate for this season, except here. I must admit I've never made or have eaten a pumpkin pie before. There is no Dutch tradition in celebrating Halloween or Thanksgiving here as it is overseas. So this was my first pumpkin pie, or "Velvety pumpkin tart" as the recipe is called.

For the base there are gingersnap crumbs needed. Hmm I can't remember having seen those in the shops here, so what to use? I decided to make the Ginger crackles (that's due for next month anyway) and use those for the base. I needed more than the 142 g of crumbs to coat bottom and sides, I guess I used about 200 g to be able to make the tart base. Even though I did use more crumbs, the butter was more than enough (too much to be honest). But this may well be influenced by the type of cookies used.

The filling didn't contain as much pumpkin as I expected, but as said I know little of pumpkin pies. I had to bake the pie for about 50 minutes, so that is way longer than the recipe (30-35 min). After baking the filling sank a little, which is probably normal with the pumpkin puree and cream cheese.
I found it to be way too sweet and too rich. It has to be served chilled, and that is better, because you taste a little less when food is cold. All the spices are lovely in the filling and the cookie base, those really give a warm autumn feeling to it all.
For me the sugar can be reduced drastically, less butter in the base, and maybe a little more pumpkin and a little less cream cheese (or half cream cheese/half creme fraîche light) or made with quark with is widely available here, that has a bit more tang to it, to cut through the sweetness.

It was nice to to bake my first Pumpin tart/pie for the ABC!


kitchen flavours said...

Hi Lien, I could not get ginger snap cookies too, and wanted to make the ginger crackles instead for the base, like you did, but in the end, use the lazy way of substituting with digestive biscuits. I find the the crust is a little dry and had to use two extra tablespoon of butter to make them come together though a little crumbly but they managed to stay put! I did reduced the sugar by 50gm and it was just right!
Yours turn out great, nobody would have guessed that it is your first pumpkin tart!
Have a great week!

Karen Baking Soda said...

Same here Lien! Too sweet too cloying but the spices were very nice. I was surprised that this was such a shallow pie. Would have expected it higher(more filling). Good to see yours looked similar haha

Hanaâ said...

The tart looks lovely, Lien. I typically use "pepernoten" for crusts like these (same for cheesecakes). I will probably bake this after I get back as I don't think they sell pumpkin puree here.

Karin Anderson said...

I will probably skip this one, because pumpkin pie was never my favorite - I find it always too sweet.
Hanaâ is right - Peppernoten/Pfefferkuchen (or Braune Kuchen) is the equivalent for ginger snaps.
The consistency of home cooked pumpkin puree is different from canned puree (they don't have it in Germany, either), the canned puree contains less liquid.
That might have been the reason that the amount of pumpkin didn't quite seem enough, and the filling sinking in.

Lien said...

Pepernoten!! that's a great idea Hanaâ. And they're in season as well, never thought of that, but I'll remember it for the next time!

@ Karin, thanks for the advice about the puree. I didn't have a clue about the consistency in a can. I'll keep that in mind too. Love it that I can learn from you all this way!