Friday, February 3, 2012

ABC February

It's time to present the February recipe for the ABC baking challenge. Remember? I started to participate last month: 1 book ( "The weekend Baker" by A. Dodge) from which 1 recipe a month is chosen for a year. This time starring the "Glazed Cinnamon Rolls".

I love these kind of rolls.  Making the dough I found that I needed at least 100 g more flour. I used bread flour, not AP. Maybe that's why we found that the rolls ended up very very large. We cut them in half to eat them.

They were also very very sweet. I have a real sweet tooth, but these were even overly sweet in my book. I'd use less sugar next time. I did make the glaze, just because it looks good even though they didn't need anymore sugar.

Lots of butter in them too, that's of course what makes them taste good and give the rolls a lovely flaky and fluffy inside. Delicious. Not a rolls to eat often, but every once in a a while you can spoil yourself... YUM!!


Hanaâ said...

Your rolls look light and fluffy. I love how you drizzled the glaze on top. It looks nicer than covering the entire top with the glaze :o) I opted to leave out the glaze because they were plenty sweet already.

kitchen flavours said...

Your rolls look wonderful! It is soft and delicious and like you, I find it a little too sweet. I will lessen the sugar the next time I make this. Overall, this is one soft, fluffy and delicious rolls!

Baking Soda said...

I really liked these alhtough mine came out a bit too dark, loved the dough!

They look great Lien!

Leslie said...

These look amazing! I haven't made them yet (eek!) so I'm glad you shared that they are sweet. I'm not big on overly sweet things, so I'll definitely cut back on the sugar.

Elle said...

Picture perfect cinnamon rolls Lien! Wish I had one right now with some coffee. YUM! indeed.