Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another "commitment"

I was way too late with the last Mellow Baker post, I am writing my BBBabes post at the last day (minute) lately and I totally forgot the existance of Bread Baking Day (how did that happen?) for two I sure don't sound like a person who needs another challenge to do in blogland, right?! So what do I do?
Of course I jump and take on another chore to do once a month: The Avid Baker's Challenge, 1 book a year, 12 recipes, 1 a month. A baking challenge started by Hanaa and this madness of finding more to do started last night, when I was sleepless for hours and tried to clean my reader (didn't yet), so I visited my lovely and talented fellow babe Karen Baking Soda, who posted about such a wonderful bundt cake. I got inspired. She baked the recipe of this month "Nut Crusted chocolate-banana swirl cake", without the nut crust, without the banana, I just had to laugh, so funny. So yes Karen it's all your fault :). Did I tell you I love bundt cakes? I have way to many bundt pans and love to bake in them.

I noticed the recipes for 2012 are from "The weekend baker" by Abigail Dodge. A book that I happen to have and - shame on me- only baked from it once, for some reason it just didn't work for me when I got it. I haven't bought a book for a while now, 'cause I have just too many that I have never or hardly baked or cooked from. And it was my plan to use the books that I have more this year... so what better opportunity to follow up on my good intentions and step on the ABC bus and give it a go for a year to start. Unfortunately for you all there won't be lots of recipes, which is logical when there are more that a few recipes baked from one book. I you like what you see you can always buy it. This means a little easier on me to, cause I don't have to type the recipes and translate them as well.

Then I read that entries had to be posted on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of the month.
Sjeez late again, but nothing to do about that, but take the butter, eggs and milk out of the fridge, turn back to bed for an hour to get warm again and bake as soon as everyone is out of the door early this morning. And so I did.

And look at that, I think it looks fabulous :).
The Nut crusted chocolate-banana cake (with nut crust and with banana). As I make diary-free versions of everthing I bake (if possible) I used vegetable margarine and in stead of the buttermilk, I make  'sour' milk, by adding lemon juice to rice (or oat) milk. (this because we have a son with cow milk allergy). Because Dutch buttermilk  and even more so my sour milk concoction is quite thin (thinner than US buttermilk), it was all a bit liquidy and that had me worried for a second. But it was all spot on and came out  great. Even my marbling -which always looks strange or doesn't look marbled at all when I do it-, wasn't too bad.

Update: I forgot to tell you how it tastes! That's what it's all about isn't it. DE-LI-CI-OUS. Such a great combination chocolate and banana. Even our youngest, who hates bananas, ate it in a flash. Smells wonderful too. A winner!!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Shame on you Lien, now I have to add another book to my list to buy ... but like you my goal this year is to bake more from the books I already have ;-) Will see how long I can resist this one. I'm with you, I think this looks fabulous.
Gosh how I wish I could rush across the street with my coffee in hand and sit at your table.

Hanaâ said...

Your cake turned out awesome, Lien. I can't tell you how much I love that Heritage Bundt pan. I really really really don't need another Bundt pan (I have at least half a dozen) but it's getting increasingly harder to keep myself from buying one. And your marbling turned out great! How was the taste? I hope it tasted as good as it looks!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

They look beautiful! Love the nut crust and the marbling.
Hey - hasn't Astrid convinced you to do Flatbreads and Flavours too? Hint hint!! ☺

Lien said...

@ Tanna, I wish that that'd be possible, have the whole gang here eating cake :)

@ Hanaâ, yes it's my favorite pan too. And the recipe fit perfectly in this one. (some recipes that claim they need this size pan are too small or too big). It tastes great, forgot to mention that, stupid me!!

@ Natashya, flatbreads?? did she?? can't remember that at all.

Baking Soda said...

Haha all my fault! Great to have you bake along! (It will also help me to not forget deadlines... I hope)

Your cake looks great Lien! I almost always use yoghurt instead of buttermilk in US recipes for the same reason.

Still in love with your bundt pan. Drool!

kitchen flavours said...

Your cake looks lovely! I always use a mixture of homemade yoghurt with milk as a substitute for buttermilk as buttermilk is quite costly over here. I'm waiting for my book to arrive, have not even seen the actual book, but am liking what I have baked with this first recipe!
Happy New Year!