Monday, November 28, 2011

Mellow Bakers in November..almost done

Still baking for the Mellow Baker Challenge, still baking every recipe in the book "Bread" by Jeffrey Hamelman. But we're not far from the end. I'm not totally sure but there are about 6 breads to bake (or less?). Some ideas about a new project are already being explored, if you'd like to bake along (again) the next project you can fill in this poll, what kind of challenge you prefer. Two more months to go. But first things first: it's Novembers turn and we've been baking three breads as usual, let's have a look.
Five-grain sourdough with rye sourdough. I'm a big fan of multigrain breads and this one - even if I have been baking this way back in 2006- is a wonderful loaf. Look how airy it is.

Golden raisin and walnut bread. A nice bread, but not very special. Not enough raisins or walnuts inside to be a real raisin bread. Nice, but not something that'll be baked again soon.

And finally there is this wonderful Fougasse with olives. Me and my husband both don't like olives at all, still both our kids love them, so this lovely chewy fougasse was gone in no time at all.

More from the Mellow Baker Challenge next month.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I could really use that Five-grain sourdough with rye sourdough, I have the perfect butter.

NKP said...

Wow. Beautiful! The 5-grain is especially stunning.
I will happily inhabit your home and eat your olives for you. ☺♥