Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bread Baking Babes scare vampires

This month our lovely and very talented Natashya ("Living in the kitchen with puppies") made sure we won't be attacked in our sleeps by vampires. A wonderful rustic loaf with garlic... lots of garlic! But fear not that you'll blow your spouse into a coma, the garlic (3 whole bulbs!!!) is sautéed and sweet caramelised. A bit of tang from the Balsamico, I used a very old and thick balsamico, therefor my garlic cloves look a little darker than most, but no fear they're not burned. The dough was quite wet, maybe wetter than the picture showed in the book. But hey we handled wetter doughs, so no worries about that mate!

The fragrance in your kitchen will be a delight. I made three smaller loaves and they went very well with soup. Although the kids  liked the taste, they were a bit squeamish about have to eat those garlic pieces. Maybe they were a bit too large (even though I halve the biggest cloves), as that can vary a lot from bulb to bulb.

You're smelling it already right? You wanna bake this too right? Bake, enjoy, post and send your details (and picture of the bread) to Natashya. (livinginthekitchenwithpuppies AT hotmail DOT com) so she can add you to the round up and send you a Bread Baking Buddy Badge. Deadline 29th of this month.

Dan's Garlic Bread
No recipe I'm afraid, I was asked to remove it by Dan Lepard's manager, because he thinks publishing a recipe makes people not buying the book. He's wrong, cause people want to know if a book is good and can find out by fellow bloggers. It makes people buy the book! Alas, we think different but I've removed the recipe anyway at his requests.

And (my fellow-babes reminded me) we DID have permission from Mr. Lepard to publish this (as he has place the whole recipe on internet himself, so it's not like it's a secret).

A shame.

Bread Baking Babes bestrijden vampieren

Helaas helaas, ik heb het recept moeten verwijderen op verzoek van Dan Lepard's manager. Hij denkt dat het publiceren van één of twee recepten ervoor zorgt dat mensen het boek niet meer kopen. Hij heeft het mis, want het stimuleert mensen juist om een boek te kopen als ze zien dat het een goed boek is. Bovendien hadden we als Babes toestemming gevraagd destijds en gekregen. Én heeft Mr. Lepard het recept zelf ook op internet staan. Dus er worden echt geen staatsgeheimen verklapt. Maar ik ga verder geen reclame voor hem maken, dus het recept is verwijderd.

Dan's Knoflookbrood


Elizabeth said...

It IS delicious bread, isn't it? And the crumb on yours looks fabulous.

I'm looking forward to having a garlic loaf (or two) with lentil soup and salad. It will be just the thing to make me forget that it's cold cold cold outside.

natalia said...

Ciao Lien ! I'm just warming the oven and cannot wait ! Tanti baci

Karen Baking Soda said...

Oh yum! Looking real good Lien! You know what surprises me? That all the other Babes loaves look a lot whiter than mine...
There's going to be some nice weather coming week, I think I need to bake this again for an outside dinner with wine!

Elle said...

Beautiful bread Lien...and nice and rustic, too. The garlic in the top photo does look like it burned...glad it was just supurb balsamic!

Katie Zeller said...

One can never have to much garlic.....

Connie said...

Hi Lien,
Luckily we always have garlic in the house. When the salt rising bread (BBD#39) is out of the oven I will start this delicious garlic bread of the BBB. Fijne dag

NKP said...

It looks so yummy! The thick balsamico sounds divine. Wondeful!

hobby baker Kelly said...

You're absolutely right, the house smelled amazing. I'd make this filling just to go on crostini if I didn't have time for the whole shebang.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oooo your balsamic sounds really special! I'm drooling over your photos!

Must bake this soon ... like tomorrow ... try to save one loaf to take on the next airplane trip late this week.

Kind of crazy how easy it is to go head over heels for this one.

Anonymous said...

Bedankt voor dit toch wel heel bewerkelijke recept. Zonder vertaling was ik er niet uitgekomen. Kun je deze broden invriezen voor later gebruikt?

Groetjes, Yvette

Lien said...

Graag gedaan Yvette. Volgens mij kan je het prima invriezen (ik heb zelf nog een stuk in de vriezer). Gewoon even 'oppiepen' in de oven als het brood ontdooit is, dan is het weer knapperig. Succes!!

David Whitehouse said...

Hi Lien,
Could I also ask you to take this Dan Lepard recipe off your blog ? Same request as I made for the other recipe you had from The Handmade Loaf, we ask bloggers not to re-publish the recipes. If you join in the Mellow Bakers's adventure, baking their way through the book, I think they'll also ask people not to post the recipes.
Thank you!

Lien said...

@ David
I've removed the (adapted) recipe, even though we (as the Bread Baking Babes group) asked and got permission to publish this recipe from Mr. Lepard.
BTW he has published it himself on the net too, so it's out there already.
But maybe you're not in sync.

David Whitehouse said...

Hi Lien, I'm not sure why you characterise me as "Dan Lepard's boyfriend", I'm afraid that I'm much too old to be anyone's "boy" friend and I wrote to you as Dan's manager, which is my job. I'm sure you're not using the term in an unpleasant way, but it could be misinterpreted.
I am totally "in sync" here, there may have been a misunderstanding at the time Dan was asked if the BBB could all bake with his recipe, but it's not appropriate for his recipes to stay on other peoples' blogs indefinitely.

Lien said...

The 'boyfriend'thing: again that my fault by not carefully reading in your blog. But I didn't know you were a manager, you didn't mentioned that, so I wanted to see who was writing this.
No bad undertone intended in any sort of way, that's never been or will be my style.

And I'll leave it at that.