Tuesday, December 21, 2010

After Hours Party (Bread Baking Day)

A bit late, but I just want to get this post out at least this year. Remember the World Bread Day October 16th? Well I've baked a few recipes for the After Hours Party. I didn't come round to making all I wanted, there were so many. I still have some recipes left, but I don't think I get round to them for a while. So I'm posting it now. At the moment I have a killer back ache, can hardly move, sleep, sit, stand, lay down or type without pain. Baking is out of the question right now, very disappointing for the kids as we can't bake/decorate our christmas-cookies. Can only type while I try to support myself with my elbows on the table, so this is not going to be a lovely holiday season I'm afraid. But I'll try to make some posts about things I already made as long as I'm able too. So first the breads for the After Hours Party.

From  "Lost in Kitchen" by Giovanna I made the Panini dolci al limone e cannella. I just changed the cross (as they reminded me of hot cross buns for easter) and gave them a Christmassy look by making a star on top. Lovely fragrant sweet rolls.

From "Fragole & Limone", by Sara, I made the Pane con farina buratto e noci.
A wonderful loaf with a poolish, which are my favorite kind of breads. Walnuts are just great in this bread.

Cris from "Crazy tea party" had the recipe in Spanish, so I used the google translation, which was very funny/stupid in some parts, but at least I could understand what was written (I hope). Pan de Higos e Hinojo; a bread with fennelseeds and dried figs. Lovely combination, just what I like. The kids picked all the fennelseeds out, because they don't like them. I thought it was just lovely. I only made one alteration, I didn't use 10 g salt in the sponge. With the 10 g in the dough that is made the next day, that would be far to salty for me/us. It made a great bread.

Thank to Zorra for making this event happen, thanks everybody for all the wonderful recipes! Until next year.


Sarah B. said...

I'am so proud and happy that you made (and loved) my bread!
It look wonderful.

Baking Soda said...

Lovely Lien! Again, I can't understand where you find the time!

Lien said...

@ Baking Soda, I baked them a while ago, meaning to bake more and put them in one post. But this is all I manage right now.

Genny @ alcibocommestibile said...

;) la magia del wbd !

Laura said...

I am sorry to hear about your pain. Back pain is so debilitating. I have been so happy since I found a wonderful chiropractor, she has done wonders for my back.

I hope you get better soon.

If it makes you feel better, I stopped baking bread because I had to give up gluten. Can you even imagine? I am still processing and grieving. I will start testing other flours as soon as the Holidays are over.

Take care!

Swathi said...

Awesome breads you recreated very well.

Joanna said...

I am sorry too that you are in such pain. Really hope you feel better soon Lien!