Monday, September 27, 2010

Mellow Bakers in September

Another month, so more breads from the Mellow Bakers. Remember we're baking the recipes from Jeffery Hamelman's book "Bread". This month some rolls, sourdough bread with nuts and bread with cheese. So let's have a look what we've baked.

Soft Butter rolls
I've baked these rolls in a rectangular tin, so they touch each other and were even softer (no crust where they touch). I've kept them quite light and baked them a shorter. I'm not used baking rolls for 30-35 minutes, I think that's too long for rolls. I also used the misprinted amount of yeast instead of the new amount which is almost the triple amount. Just one teaspoon works fine for me. I don't mind that they have to proove a bit longer. Good rolls, not the best I've ever tasted, but good. The name give the idea that these rolls contains loads of butter... not. Just 40 grams in 24 rolls!! Hardly worthy of the name buttery.

Sourdough rye with walnuts
A good hearthy bread. Love bread with nuts. I prefer kneading these walnuts in by hand in stead of in the mixer, cause sometimes walnuts that are mixed in too long can colour your bread a pink shade.

Say Cheese Bread
There was some talk on the Mellow Bakers forum, about the bread tasting bitter and therefor it was maybe better to grate all the cheese instead of cubing half of it. I wanted to try the recipe as it's in the book and I thought the bread was delicious, not bitter. I did bake it shorter (about 30 minutes), because it was brown enough. I only made half the recipe (as I do most of the time with the Hamelman recipes) and that used 90 g of Parmesan cheese. I'm glad I didn't grate it all, I love seeing those little blobs of melted cheese in the bread in some spots.

The recipes for next month are up, so better start baking and I'll see you next time.


Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Great breads! I will follow your lead and shred half the cheese. Doing the cheese bread today, after a false start a while back - when I realized I had no Parm!

natalia said...

Ciao Lien ! I still have to post the rolls and the rye... I love the way you scred the cheese bread they look like hearts. Have a nice week !

Anonymous said...

What good looking breads! I like the rolls, they look soft and moist and the cheese bread is very pretty too. Hearthy rye ? Is that a combination of hearty and hearth ? I like the sound of that - a good way to describe that bread! Have fun!

Marjoke said...

Love all three of you breads, but especially the one with cheese. Must have smelled wonderfull in your kitchen.

Elizabeth said...

Each one of those looks delicious! And I particularly love the slashes and flour design on the cheese bread.