Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bread Baking Buddies: June (Korni)

BBBuddies june 10It’s my pleasure to present the Bread Baking Buddies for this month. They all did a wonderful job, this bread didn’t turn out to be a trouble maker. It was generally liked a lot and for people who wanted to tweak it a little very adaptable. And who doesn’t tweak recipes from time to time? It’s great for getting new ideas and getting inspired. All loaves were stunning looking and all the Babes thank you for taking this baking trip with them. We hope to see you again next month.

I want to thank all buddies for baking this recipe with us and have send them a well earned Bread Baking Buddy Badge in return. Remember the 16th of each month there will be a new recipe for you to bake with us. And I can tell you it’ll be a real exciting one too next time, so stay tuned!

Gosia from “Majology” baked with us, some wonderful loaves. Great picture with all the healthy seeds displayed here. I just love the way people get inventive when an ingredient is not in their cupboard: she substituted the millet with some 7-grain cereal and that worked just fine.

Rita (aka Soepkipje) baked a Korni too, she substituted a large part of the white flour with whole wheat, spelt and rye flour. She doesn’t blog, but you can see a photo collage of the Korni at her photo site (ipernity). Wonderful looking loaves!
Korni soepkipje

Elle from “Feeding my enthousiasts” baked two great looking loaves and was happy with the new fixed dates (as we are). I agree that this will be easier for the Buddies too to have a little more time to bake. Great that you were with us again this month Elle!

Hobby Baker (“A Messy Kitchen”) also tweaked the recipe and used almonds instead of the soy nuts… that sounds just so delicious. Have to try that some time, sounds like a winner to me.
hobby baker

Andrea from “Family & Food” made some changes as well and substituted half of the soy nuts with walnuts, so it would qualify for Bread Baking Day as well.  Looks great Andrea!

Ashley (“Eat me, delicious”) was right on time in baking this bread with us. She had the post up as quick as she could, even before she tasted it! That’s dedication for you. Great looking loaf, she has let me know in the meantime that she loved the taste as well.

Update: Our 7th buddy has mailed me, my dear Natalia from “Gatti, fili e Farina” made the Korni too. You’re so very welcome in this round up Natalia!! Your loaf looks beautiful with all it´s ´freckles`. I never used soybeans in bread before either, I´m glad you like it too.korni a fette


ap269 said...

Nice roundup. Looking forward to baking with you again next month!

Baking Soda said...

Lovely round up Lien, great looking loaves all of them!

Marleen said...

Ja, dat bakken in Juni kan zelfs zonder oven...pffff...;-))
Heel jammer dat de foto's niet laden- kijk volgende keer even terug...

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Truly this is a wonderful bread.
And a wonderful round up Lien.

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Great round-up Lien! All my favourite buddies and their gorgeous loaves. Can't wait to go visit them now!

hobby baker said...

They all look great! This will be one I make for my folks when they come to visit. Thanks for sharing it!

Elle said...

Great round up Lien...and sorry it took me so long to comment. Wish I were baking instead of remodeling. These are some great looking loaves!