Monday, June 22, 2009

Stacks of problems and bakes

Sorry, it's still a bit silent here. With my last post it all seemed to be going in the right direction: new laptop, man included (for installation purposes only) to transfer all my photo's and documents to the laptop, the old one (pc not man!) was to be cleaned and repared, a new screen and a new printer.

Well that didn't went as planned. He started transferring things, how speedy these people click away I can't follow. I thought I saw some things copied twice and/or three times, but really it was all OK, no worries. Then the laptop acted weird, he couldn't find out what it was, so took it with him. Two days later it was fixed, another man came to bring it by, didn't know what was done or not done with the transferring (and I didn't know either to be honest, except for the 'no-worries' part), so he left. Thinking that I was very clever probably to do the rest myself.

So I started to try and get some order in my pictures and documents. For hours and hours and days. Let's be short about it... it's total chaos, my whole system lost, lots of pictures missing. All the ones that I was going to post about, so that's why there is no new post yet. All my Bread Baking Babes badge pictures and stuff to make the buddie badge for this month.... nowhere to be found, so please keep baking buddies, but have a little patience, I'll get you a badge as soon as I can. Pictures in the wrong place, sometimes 4 copies in different places... ah well you get the picture (I didn't). The printer also stopped working. This friday a man will come... they said.... I called them not to delete anything from the old computer, because I need my pictures... No worries, they said... yeah right!

But I do worry... I know there's worse in the world... I know... I know I live on even if the whole thing expodes (well as long as I don't sit too close when that happens)... but it's still frustrating. I finally found my 'stack'-pictures that I put together for the CLICK!-edition of this month, so that is a post that I can make... and here is it.

Another edition of Jugalbandi's CLICK!, it's all about stacks this time, and anyone who ever baked and photographed cookies, probably has a 'stack'-picture in their archives. I never knew that stacks could be horizontal as well, I learn something new everyday.

When I choose a picture I search my archives for all sorts of stacks that I place together to get a quick view of what's suitable and what's not. Sometimes our kids like to pick their own favorites. They loved this picture of the coconut cookie stacks. "How did you get them to balance like that??" They thought I was really handy, until I told them I'd put wooden squewers through the cookies to keep them from falling down... hehehe.

I picked the photo of Rosendals Knäckebröt, a Swedish cracker, that we baked last year with the Bread Baking Babes to enter this months Click!
I like this picture a lot. It's a bit rustic, pure and simple, which fits the Swedish product I think. Sometimes less is more as we all know and I think this one benefits from that idea.
Good thing I know know that stacks can be more than just vertical, so I could send this one in. You still can join the event too, find all the details here.


Astrid said...

sorry about your PC problems, I hate it when this things happen and I can't find a thing on my own computer.

I love your pics, you area always so creative. I never seem to have the patience (and time) to make some nice looking pics of my foods :)

I vividly remember the käckebrod! It was great. reminds me that I wanted to bake it again hehe

Arden said...

Lien, 1 goede raad: koop een externe harde schijf en back-up daar al je foto's op. Ook al draait je pc in de soep, al je foto's heb je dan nog.

Anonymous said...

Hoi Lien , doffe ellende zeg. Hoop dat alles snel is opgelost.
Groetjes en sterkte. Wil V

Lien said...

Thanks Astrid, bake some more!

Ja Arden, dat zegt iedereen... en gelijk heb je en ze. Ik heb dus ook een externe schijf, daar heeft de man ze op gezet en dáár is dus iets niet goed gegaan. Maar na de crash van vorig jaar is er ook een bake-up in de oude PC, dus als het goed is zouden alle foto's daar nog op moeten staan. We wachten het af.

Bedankt Wil, groetjes!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oh the käckebrod! Yes, that was so good.

Lien ... your computer woes are incredible. I've had my share and you have my complete understanding, unfortunately that never really corrects the problem. Hugs.

marl1 said...

Die stokjes zie je echt niet- geniaal!

Die pc ellende- ik voel met je mee...:-(

Elra said...

I hope you will win this again, it is beautiful photo!

Marjoke said...

Oh, problems with the PC can be so annoying especially if you have to trust the craftmanshift of a stranger.

Maybe you can bribe him nexttime with one of your delicious cakes to do his utmost?

Elle said...

So sorry about the computer mess...been there too...UUUGH! Don't worry about Buddy badges, etc. What I discovered with mine was how MANY photos I have, especially food related ones! Now I made CDs and DVDs to hold the extras to give the poor computer a break. As a blogger, computers are essential to us, but sometimes I just get so tired of their fits.
Hope yours is working smoothly again, with transfers done and orderly (as possible) very soon!

Jamie said...

Computer problems when so much of your life is wrapped up in your computer is horrible! I now appreciate how lucky I am to have 3 "computer men" living in my house at my beck and call.

Your photos are always fantastic and I wish that I could have such talent! I hope you win all the food photo awards!

Sara said...

Hope some progress has been made on the computer problems. I love that photo - very beautiful!

Andreas said...

Hi Lien,

don't worry too much about the badges. As long as we have some fabulous bread, the badges can wait for a little longer.