Sunday, June 28, 2009

June's Bread Baking Buddies

Guess what... I've got my pictures back (Yay!) and that means I can make the BBbuddies round-up of this months bread (just) in time: Asparagus bread.

And Yay to all of these wonderful Bread Baking Buddies that baked with us, we love that! Thanks for having the patience, but your well earned Bread Baking Buddy Badge is on its way! It's been fun baking this with all of you and we hope that you'll be back next month or some other.

Jamie from Life's feast.
She was fast, had the bread ready the day after the Babes posted about it! That's the spirit girl! What a great bread you made, lovely crumb too!
Astrid from Paulchen's Foodblog tweaked the recipe and used spring onion instead of asparagus, cause some people just don't like asparagus and the spring onions accompanies the rest of the ingredients just great. Beautiful loaves (with spelt of course!)
Nidhi from Charche Chauke Ke baked these two wonderful loaves and broadened the vegetable world of her whole family. That's the way!
Elle from Bread Baker's Dog. She baked a beautiful loaf that was gone in now time! Doesn't it look gorgeous?! Andreas from Delta Kitchen made one larger loaf and even though it got stuck it's a fantastic rustic seasonal loaf, he just needed a little more salt.Judy from Judy's gross eats saved the day (dinner) by making some wonderful asparagus loaves. I agree Judy... they are magical!
Nancy from Corner Loaf also baked this bread with spring onions and let it rise in a banneton, great choice that turned into a delicious and stunning looking bread.
Caitlin from Engineer Baker had to wrestle to get the ingredients incorporated too, but see how great turned out with that amazing marbling-effect caused by the walnuts.
Laura from Tiramisù baked this bread even with a very busy schedule, just in time to make this round up. More of us had trouble mixing the ingredients in and so did she, though that didn't show in the endproduct: two fantastic loaves!

On behalf of all the Babes: Thanks all for baking with us and we hope to see you again next month, I can tell you already it's a wonderful recipe to bake along!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Wow Lien I don't know what to be happier about all our fabulous buddies or you getting your photos back. Both make me smile ;) Hooray!

Natashya said...

Beautiful round-up Lien! Such great asparagus breads. I love how each one has a unique personality.

Andreas said...

Very nice round-up. Let's see what next month will bring. :)

Nancy/n.o.e said...

I've gotta say again how much I enjoyed this bread! My plan was to give away at least half of my loaf, and, even though I told the intended recipient it was coming, well, it never made it out the door! I'll just have to make more, I guess!! Thanks for hosting and writing such a great roundup. How wonderful that your pictures are back; my computer guy came today and we're all squared away, too!