Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ABC - yummy rolls

A great recipe this month for the Avid Baker's Challenge: Rolls!! Rolls are always very well received here, they're good and easy to have in stock (freezer) and very handy as a lunch bread to take to school. These rolls were delicious.

First thing I had to do find out what "half and half " was. We know a "half-om-half" here in the Netherlands, but that's half beef mince and half pork mince. But it became clear quickly of course. I substituted this half cream/half milk with 'oat cream' to get a dairy free version. This contains less fat, so the rolls probably differ from the original recipe.
I added the poppy seeds in the dough, had some standing by to sprinkle on top, but that was not really necessary. Without an egg wash they fell off very easily too. So I would omit the top seeds the next time.

I happen to have a caketin that had exactly the same size as stated in the recipe. It seemed way too big. I've baked 16 pull-apart rolls before in an 8"x 8" (20 cm x 20 cm) tin and that worked fine. But after baking they had filled the tin fairly decent. The rise took a little longer, but they had a lovely ovenrise as well. Fantastic rolls, soft and velvety, maybe not as fluffy (because I didn't use cream/milk), but delicious.
Also a great way too to use egg yolks, as I'm always saving egg whites for angel food cakes.

Here you can find the original recipe!


Hanaâ said...

Your cake pan is the perfect size. They look beautiful!! Will definitely try the poppy seed version next time (and maybe even add some lemon zest). These make yummy "boterhammen" :o)

Chelly said...

Nice! I thought the same thing with my pan! I am using the eggwhites to make macarons...yummy!

hanseata said...

The poppy seed version is really very nice. Since I baked many seeded breads before, I knew that just sprinkling the seeds on top would not work - they fall off at once after baking. So I added all - and more - to the dough.

Janis said...

Your rolls look great Lien! and I agree with Hanaa, the pan you used was the perfect size :-)

Baking Soda said...

Kids just love rolls don't they? No matter how tall they grow (the kids not the rolls ;-))

They look great Lien!

Elle said...

What beautiful rolls Lien! I like the poppy seeds inside...usually they are just on top. Nice that they use up extra egg yolks, too.