Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mellow Bakers in July

Here are the breads for the July edition of the Mellow Bakers Challenge (Baking our way through Jeffrey Hamelman's "Bread"). We've baked quite a lot in the meantime, just a 1/4 to go! I've baked all so far, didn't miss one yet. Here a display of this month's breads. Enjoy.

The Olive Levain, a wonderful rustic bread. Nice holes too. As only the kids here are fond of olives, they happily ate the lot. I worked the olives in by hand, didn't want to get them broken up in the dough. It's a good idea to make this at the end of the day, so it can rest overnight in the fridge.

The Potato bread with roasted onions is totally delicious. I roasted the onions long and slow on low heat until very brown and sweet. They turned the whole loaf brown. I really love this 'fendu'-style, although mine wasn't as fendu-ish as I would have liked, better practise some more with it. Great bread to eat with cheeses.

Sourdough rye with raisins and walnuts. Wonderful bread, I just love nuts and raisins in a a bread. I had to make the 'medium rye flour' by mixing 50% whole rye flour and 50% white rye flour together, as they don't sell it here. With a bit of yeast in the dough to help it along and lessen the tangy flavour a great bread!

And with these baked we've baked 3/4 of the book! That's a lot of bread. See you next month with some new breads...... to be continued.

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NKP said...

Great bread! You do get great holes, you are the master!
I'm caught up to, just doing the raisin walnut today and I'll officially be there. So exciting to be nearing the end!