Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

happy mothers day roos

  I wish all mothers over the world (even though some countries have a different date for Mothers Day) the best Mothersday. I’m having a lovely day. Kids were up early, set the table, toasted bread and boiled some eggs. Went out very early to pick some flowers.  They’ve been busy whispering and sneaking upstairs a lot this last week, fortunately the both had a week off from school (may holidays) and as you’ll see they made good use of it!

I was excorted out of bed with a little present to find breakfast ready. On the table was a display my daughter made: A landscape with a lovely chickencoop… and you know we just love our chickens over here.


Moederdag 2010

chickencoop Chocolate chicks  everywhere, a blue fish in the pond, which is not a hairclip as I first thought, but a pencil sharpener (he spits out the bits and pieces when you open it up after sharpening). A tree with a secret squirrel hiding place, where I found a decorated cloths pin to keep my papers in order. The egg in the coop contained an egg-warmer. So cute.

Later I got these tealight glasses my boy made at school, love those! A velvet heart with a magnet in it. Some shampoo, two bags with bath bubble soap…. am I spoiled or what!!!

I just love it when they make their own things to give, there is no shop bought gift that can beat that. I wish you all a great mother’s day too, mine is the best ever!



Laura said...

I am up early waiting for my family to wake up. Then we are going to hike up to a very special house in the mountain and have a pancake breakfast.

The chicken little town is adorable! How creative of your daughter.

Happy Mother's Day to you as well!

Marjoke said...

These gift are so precious and I bet you deserve them.
I've kept all the presents made by my children for mothers'day.
Now, they're grown up and buy me flowers and perfume. They spend a lot of time looking for the flowers I love the most.
They don't realise nothing can beat those first presents I'm still keeping in my draw.

Elle said...

Happy Mothers' Day! Those are such wonderful gifts! I still have many of the things my children made...including a tea set my daughter made for me last Mothers' Day...and she is over 30.
There is an award for you at my blog:

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Happy Mother's Day indeed! That's the best Lien!!

Baking Soda said...

So sweet! Isn't that the loveliest landscaping ever? So creative.

I always have to smile when I get my Mothers Day gifts, my boys seem to pair their own tastes to mine... this year I got a lot of different chocolate and as soon as I unwrapped it they got busy telling me which they liked the best. Boys!

Marleen said...

Jij bent zeker verwend Lien! Wat een ontzettend leuke en creatieve kadootjes en dan zo knap verwerkt in het landschap:-) Moederdag is eigenlijk alleen maar leuk met deze verrassingen;-) (daarom heb ik het na die tijd ook afgeschaft;-))

Verena said...

Lien, what a great day! Loved the table decor! Have a great week!