Saturday, February 21, 2009

Waiter there's something in my... Hot pud

(alleen in het engels)

When I saw the februari theme of "Waiter, there's something in my..." at
The passionate cook, I smiled. Johanna choose "..Hot Pud" and I like that a lot. I remembered I had a recipe somewhere that I wanted to try. The hardest part of this whole recipe was to find it! I try to keep it all in my head, but of course that will never work with my pathetic brain, even though my brain age is 20 (!) according to Dr. Kawashima when I do his Brain Training-test on the Nintendo DS.

I started writing down recipes with labels ánd in what book, magazine and on which page they are. But only the lastest recipes are written down. Funny is how sure I am that I can find it in this or that book.... and it's never there. But I remembered that this recipe was in a magazine ánd dutch, (at least I though so... never really certain until it is found), and I found it!

The recipe is from Gary Rhodes, the English chef with his spiky hair. He's not to be seen often in cookery shows any more, at least not that we can receive here in Holland, but he was one of my favorite chefs in the times he used to have several cookery series on the BBC. He's so very english, a polite and very precise cook. It's really a very funny recipe because you cook the puds in a microwave. I admit I don't do much in the microwave besides warming milk or defrosting things and it was like a miracle seeing these puds get cooked in just two minutes. You can prepare the desserts up til 60 minutes ahead, so you microwave them just before serving and they come out piping hot.

Microwave pud with raisins
(serves 6)
Spongepud with raisins
PRINT recipe)
100 g raisins
4 TBsp golden syrup (I used the left over sugar syrup from making Candied orange peels)
100 g self raising flour
100 g butter, room temperature, cubed
100 g white soft sugar
2 eggs
grated zest from 1 orange
Grease and flour 6 (not made of metal) microwave proof puddingmolds (about 1,5 dl). You could also use small coffeecups.

Spongepud with raisins- Divide the raisins over the molds, also divide the golden syrup in the molds.

Now make the batter: Place flour, butter, sugar, eggs and orange zest in a mixing bowl and whisk until it's smooth . If you think it's too thick you can add 1-2 TBsp milk (I did without). Spoon the batter on top of the raisins in the molds. Fill only halfway, otherwise it'll go over the top.
Cover with Microwave foil (or clingfilm with little holes pricked into).
*You can prepare this up till 1 hour in advance

Place 3 puds at the time in the microwave and 'wave' them on highest settings for about 2 minutes (or steam for 30 minutes). You'll see the puds rise and dome above the molds. I thought that was quite spectaculair, but then again I'm easily impressed. They are firm to the touch and come away from the sides. Take them out to rest for 1 minute and microwave the rest of the puds.
Take the puds out of the molds after 1 minute resting time. Sprinkle with the remaining golden syrup (2 TBsp), that you warmed slightly to make it more runny.

Serve while hot!!! Thanks Johanna for this wonderful theme!

(adapted from: a special dutch edition of GOOD FOOD "Bread and pastry" -2007)


Anonymous said...

They just look adorable and sweet and that with the help of a microwave! Maybe I'm going to use it again with this recipe.

NKP said...

Who knew you could bake in the microwave? I have only used it for heating up leftovers.
Great idea! Your hot puddings look adorable!

Anonymous said...

Good Food calls it Black cap pudding, sounds delicious

Sivie said...

Sieht toll aus. Ich habe bisher nur einen Microwave-Cake ausprobiert. War nicht so toll.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oh my! That is impressive in the microwave!! How perfect for an 'emergency' or fast dessert!

Anonymous said...

Ja, Gary was altijd zooo precies en kalm (al zat hij wel overal met zijn handen aan...;-)))))) je volgt Masterchef zeker ook??
Handig recept bij weinig tijd- goed dat je het nog vond!
(met zo'n jeugdig stel hersens, moest dat ook wel lukken....!)

Snooky doodle said...

oh these look decadent! so fruity and moist. I m drooling :)

Anonymous said...

Aren't these called Spotted Dick? Think so! They look really good, and all the better if they are made in the microwave!

Lien said...

@ Marjoke and Natashya, I didn't know that either. I found it quite exciting sitting in front of the Microwave and see them grow

@ Ulrike, yeah you''re right, didn't look for it on the net.

@ Sivie, Ich denke man sollte sie warm essen, ich glaube das sie nicht so gut schmecken when sie abgekühlt sind.

@ Tanna, it was good, but I prefer the oven. (this one is good eaten hot, not cooled)

@ Mar1, Masterchef, ja vind ik geweldig. Dit jaar ook hele sterke kandidaten. Volgens mij zitten bijna alle chefs met hun tengels aan het eten, dan voelen ze hoe de structuur is... nou ja als je handen schoon zijn, mag het ook wel denk ik.

@ Snooky Doodle, Thanks for visiting and commenting!!

@ Jamie, they might be a little similar, but these just have the raisins on top (well at least that should have been the case..) and spotted dick is more... well spotted... haha. Thanks for visiting!!

natalia said...

Ciao I love this idea ! And will try your buns soon !!