Monday, November 10, 2008

Something about me(me)

(Alleen in engels)

I've got tagged by Ilva from Lucullian Delights to tell 6 random things about myself. I thought about it for a while, and "OK I'm in".. wow that went easy didn't it? Now the hard part: what in the world should I tell? I first have to check what I told last time. Well I better start with something simple and hope inspirition will find my brain on the way.

1. You've probably noticed when you read my blog, but I have a sweet tooth. I just love anything sweet. Unfortunately it's bad for my teeth and my waistline (is there one left?). It's not that I don't like savory, but I'm more picky what I like and don't like then.

2. I can't drink red wine. Isn't that a shame. I used to when I was younger, no problem slurping it down at all. But when I drink it now, it feels like drinking fire. My gullet (I hope that's the right word) and my stomach just feel like I've swallowed a torch that keeps burning. Don't know what the cause is. I remember that my mother had the very same thing and she always told that it felt like a brick went down her throat and fell down in her stomach. I really feel bad about this, I'd love to be able to drink red wine again, especially with some meals. It's a real deprivation.

3. My favorite colour is blue. Most variations of blue, but the color on the photo on the left and navy blue in particular. P.e. if you ask me what my favorite car would be, I'd first answer "a blue car". I also like orange, but more like an earthy/terra cotta color (we have curtains like that), because it's a happy color, but also warm and comforting (and dutch :D). I love most other colors too, except yellow or green. Though I love green in nature, I'd never wear anything green and our garden will not have plants with yellow flowers in them.

4. I'm still trying to learn Italian. Somehow I'm at a point that I don't seem to get any further, which makes me feel slighty desperate and gives me the feeling that I'll never learn to speak it like I would want to, that's without too much faults and too much pauses where I search for words or the right grammer. But maybe it just has something to do with the time that I'm left with (or take) to study. I could do with some more self-discipline I guess. (there's an understatement!) I'd like to spent a longer time in Italy by myself, so I'd be forced to speak it... ah when will the ship with gold sail in?

5. I find it strange sometimes that I'm as old as I am. Sometimes it just hits me, when I look in the mirror or when I suddenly get aware of my wrinkled hands, they're just like my mother had (aarrrghh). How come I still feel like I'm in my mid-twenties, just without as much energy and spunk these days unfortunately. It feels I'm in the wrong aged body. Ah well, they always told me as a child I thought too much, so I'd better let it rest.

6. When I was a child I wanted to be captain of a cruise ship when I would be a grown up. I felt very strongly about that for a long time. But I never did anything of the sort. It probably had something to do with the fact that we went on a cruise when I was only 6 years old. I still remember so many things about that trip, it really was an amazing experience.

So I don't know if I got the inspiration during this, you can be the judge of that. Now the part where I should tag 6 bloggers according the rules. And that could be nr. 7 about me: I don't like that and would't have a clue who to tag. Well I'll just invite anybody who feels like it to consider him- or herself tagged. You can blame me if you want to. Thanks for bearing with me until the end. THE END.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Delightful Lien!
It used to be my hands bothered me, now it's the skin on my legs and arms. At over 60 now I still think . . . well I have no idea how that can be right, I know I'm not that old.
I do feel that old when I try learning another language. I've tried (you're right I do need more self discipline) and can spend forever trying to get a pronunciation to sound close and never get it.
Love the sweet cruise ship memory.
Blue is good. So sorry about the red wine.

marl1 said...

Het was leuk om (weer;) wat over jou te lezen...:-)kan we wel voorstellen dat je soms wat tijdgebrek hebt...met alles wat kookt en bakt!(en ook nog die kippen...?)
Punt 2 vind ik erg sneu voor je...:-(( maar misschien wel witte?:-)))))
Punt 5 is zoooooo herkenbaar!

Lien said...

@ Tanna, as long as we stay young inside!
and about the red wine, at least I can drink white wine :-)!

@ Marl1, ja grappig is dat punt 5 -merk ik de laatste tijd- door alle leeftijdsgenoten onderstreept wordt. Als je jong bent denk je daar niet over na en heb je het idee dat een ouder iemand gewoon helemaal oud is en niet van binnen hetzelfde als vroeger.
En witte kan gelukkig wel (of andere lekkere drankjes ;-))