Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It's not a common thing here in the Netherlands to get tagged when you have a blog. That's probably for a reason. But there came an email from Karen (Bake my day!) that she had tagged me.
Why? Why me? What did I do wrong? First of all there are not many interesting things to know about me (that I want to unleash on the internet!), I doubt anybody wants to know anything really. But I won't be a party pooper and she is just such a nice girl, I'll just play along but with my own rules. I'll give a few random facts (probably not fun)... or what was it. She probably won't notice if I won't make it to 5 or 7 or 12 (or 13), so I'll just stop if I don't feel like it anymore. Deal? OK, here we go...

1. I don't like (read: hate) chain-letters. That's probably why I'm not the kind of person for this sort of meme's . BTW this sound always reminds me of 'Beaker' from the Muppets, who really loved "meme's" cause he never said anything else . (I think he's adorable though) And because of this aversion to put people on a chain, I won't tag anyone myself. Sorry to break up the fun.

2. I'm not very good at talking about myself, another reason for my hesitation. But I am just quite shy.

3. I love Italy. My sister, who had (and still has) an Italian best-friend, infected me with this Italy-bug. And the first time I went there, during my study-time, for a week, I was totally and utterly won over. Even though it rained like hell. For everyone who knows the camp-site in Florence on the other side of the Arno, it should be easy to imagine the following. We stood at the bottom of the slope, rain came down like a waterfall. We dug a tunneling system with our mugs around our tent and still could feel our air matresses move during the night because of the water flowing underneath our tents... we had a terrific time... we really did!

4. I have a fear of hights. That has hardly ever stopped me from climbing church domes or bell towers, but I have to keep repeating to myself: don't look down, we're almost there... to get me in a sort of a trance. Still I can't step up to the railing at a high point, I stay glued to the wall and have a nervous look-around. Very very hard to handle are stairs made out of something that you can see through (some kind of grating), I get very dizzy.

5. I love watching cookery shows. The BBC is just so good at making great series with all sorts of cooks. I look at them in admiration, working in a busy kitchen, having everything ready on time. Tasting everything, that's just so brave, I always wonder, aren't there any things they dislike? This brings me to the next point:

6. I'm really quite a difficult eater myself. There are lots of thing I just won't eat; some out of principle or habit, some give me an allergic reaction, some I just dislike or put me off in a big way. Just to name a few: pork, shell-fish and things like liver, brain, lungs...brrr. I just could never taste things like that without throwing up. Oh this just came to mind; I hate those white stringy cords in an egg. I always try to get that out, which is not easy.

7. I'm more a cat person than a dog person. At least I would be if I wasn't extremely allergic to animals. This developed round the time I studied and I never got rid of it. It's very sad for the kids that they can't have pets in the house. And really hard in daily life... almost everybody has a cat (or more) or a dog, rabbit, you name it... I just can't stay for longer than about 10 minutes. It's a real handicap in normal life.
But we have three adorable chickens in the garden...they eat everything that's trying to grow or bloom, dig holes in the grass and leave their 'shit' (excusez le mot) on the terrace. That's not so nice, so they aren't allowed to go where they please all the time.
A cat would be easier. To make it even more confusing my favorite animals are mice and tigers.

So there you have it; I made it to 7.
I'll stop boring you all and leave it as it is!


Baking Soda said...

hartstikke bedankt lien! En echt, ik heb een p*-hekel aan kettingbrieven! En toch voel ik me toch altijd een soort van verplicht (of misschien wel gevleid dat iemand aan me denkt) om aan deze memes mee te doen.

We hebben sinds kort 2 katten... moeten we helaas gaan high-tea'en als we elkaar willen zien..d'as nou ook jammer!

Thanks for playing along (just for once) I really feel awful to put this upon you NOT oh well just a little. My son is like you, especially the stairs you describe.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

We share the edge thing. I once climbed the highest peak in Texas with Gorn. I was doing alright until as I went round the perimeter I could see a lower peak that was just a shear drop. That was when I dropped to the ground and Gorn guided me back wards putting my foot where it had to go to get down or I'd be there today. The getting up is often the easy part.
I used to watch cooking shows all the time, then I started blogging.

linda said...

Helemaal eens met kettingbrieven ;) maar meme's vind ik wel kunnen. Is toch leuk om wat meer te weten over de blogger :)
En ingewanden...bah! Alleen 't mondgevoel al!

Lien said...

@ baking soda.. ik vind je nog steeds aardig hoor
@ Tanna you're ever so brave climbing around on rocks! I could never do that... stairs are more than enough.
@ Linda. Natuurlijk is het niet erg om wat over jezelf te vertellen (hoewel ik me af vraag wat een ander daar aan heeft), maar dat gedwongen doorgeven, vind ik toch iets te veel op een kettingbrief lijken. Maar goed zo ben ik. Ben je trouwens Nlse.. ik dacht dat je engels was en hier studeerde, kijk zo leer ik dan toch ook weer wat! (of spreek en schrijf je gewoon héél goed nederlands, dat kan natuurlijk ook)

marl1 said...

Ik vond het wèl leuk om die zogenaamde oninteressante feitjes van je te lezen..:-))vrijdag doe ik de tag....eehhh..sort of..;-)))
Mocht je nog eens van smaak veranderen- ik heb nog een heerlijk kippenlever receptje voor je....en dan goed gebakken: knapperig van buiten en roze van binnen....;-)))
Je Italië gevoel kan ik helemaal begrijpen: heerlijk land....met idd niet altijd van die geweldige campings..., maar een kniesoor...;-))

sher said...

Answering questions on a meme is usually really hard for me too. But, I always enjoy reading what others have to say. I'm sorry you can't have a mammal pets. But, you have chickens, which I love. I have birds and they are lots of fun!!!!