Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nice bloggers

(Just in English this time)
I've got an award. That's nice, isn't it?! And especially because it a "nice person" award that was kindly given to me by Karen from Bake my Day. I'm not very good at taking compliments gracefully, but in all honesty I must say I'm very flattered with it. Thank you Karen!! It's probably against all rules to return this award to you, for you are a truly lovely and kind person.

Now it's my turn to pass this award on to some other bloggers. The "rules" says I have to choose seven people, which is quite a lot, keeping in mind that this award is flying through the blogosphere. So I bend the rules a little and I will pick four, all in different languages. There are so many bloggers out there, it's sometimes hard to keep track of all the posts and add some comments but I like the idea that blogging is a global thing and it's nice to blog without bounderies. So here it goes....

- Marleen from "Huisje, boompjes, beestjes" who doesn't have a foodblog, but a gardenblog in dutch. She is always so funny in her view at everything that grows. But she's answers all questions, give comments in the nicest way, and it's a joy to read her stories.

- Ashleigh from "Stitched in Holland" in English. Her blog went through different fases. Stitching, food, gardening, family life.... but the nice thing that she is always her lovely self. It's inspiring to read her stories, how she talks about the issues in her life with so much humour and a little twinkle in her eye.

- Zorra from "1x umrühren bitte" in German. I saw somewhere she already got herself a reward...but hey I don't care, I just stick one on top. I never met her, She hasn't got a clue who I am, but I just admire all the work she had with creating, hosting and rounding up all sorts of different events. It's such a nich thought to make something 'with' others and see it all in pictures and it's a great way to discover new blogs (because there are so many out there!).

- Verena from 'Mangia che te fa bene' in Portuguese. I don't speak a word of Portuguese, but we 'met' when she visited my blog and we could communicate in english a few times.


Anonymous said...

I'm blushing. Thank you so much for the award and the nice words!

Karen Baking Soda said...

Thank you Lien, you really deserve the award. Love your choice of bloggers, so many real nice people around!

Anonymous said...

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je Award Lien! Ik wil geen 'zoete broodjes bakken' als ik zeg dat ik ook vind dat je een smakelijk, heerlijk leesbaar foodblog maakt. Ook de eetlust opwekkende foto's zijn altijd een lust voor het oog!
En natuurlijk wil ik je ook bedanken voor het doorgeven aan mij- ik voel me zeer vereerd en gevleid door je complimenteuze motivatie :-)
Bedankt, Lien!
Nu ga ik je vijgentaart printen en dat is geen makkie met de printer die ik heb...;-)))))

Anonymous said...

Lien, I am completely full of myself! How great is to open your mailbox and read a message from the other side of the world saying I got an award? Would you believe if I told you that I was just thinking about sending you a recipe I have addapted so you could try and tell me what you think? Thank you so much for choosing Mangia che te fa bene!
What a great way to make me smile!
Have a great weekend!

Gea said...

Een terechte beloning. Proficiat!

Anonymous said...

Lien, Gefeliciteerd! Een welverdiende award. Geniet ervan.

Anonymous said...

Hoi Lien ik ben weer boven water en sluit me volledig aan bij de vorige 2 "sprekers". Groetjes Wil V

Lien said...

Blush... hartelijk bedankt allemaal voor die lovende woorden.

Ciao Verena,you can sent me a recipe anytime!!